Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Which chocolate is perfectly paired with Pique teas?

Chocolate and cheese, chocolate and wine, even chocolate and beer. While these are very delicious pairings, how about trying a fresh, new pairing idea this Valentine’s Day: chocolate and tea. Introducing: Pique Tea, a revolutionary new line of organic Tea Crystals, and the perfect pairs to any chocolate cravings, courtesy of renowned Tea Master.

  • Dark Chocolate + Pique Tea English Breakfast—The robust body and woodsy, floral notes of our English Breakfast pairs perfectly with the earthy boldness of a fine, high percentage dark chocolate for a marriage of tantalizing flavors and long subtle finishes.

  • Milk Chocolate Truffles + Pique Tea Earl Grey—The citrusy notes in our exquisitely balanced Earl Grey pair perfectly with milk chocolate truffles. The fresh scent of natural bergamot accentuates the rich velvety texture of decadent milk chocolate ganache filling.

  • White Chocolate + Pique Tea Jasmine—The seductive fragrance of fresh Jasmine petals mixes perfectly with the heady and aromatic vanilla notes of sweet white chocolate for a heavenly combination of vanilla and jasmine.

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My Thoughts

I'm a big tea lover and was excited to give this Pique tea a try. I could drink tea all day and this tea is kind of like the convenient tea. It comes in a powder form and you add to the mug before adding hot water. For me, I use my Keurig machine.

I found the tea to be flavorful. It did taste just slightly different than when I brew tea from a tea bag, but it wasn't too different that I didn't want to drink it. I liked how if in a hurry, I had my tea right away, added some stevia, and was ready to enjoy my cup.

Each flavor was good. I got to try a Jasmine Green, Earl Gray, and English Breakfast. English Breakfast in both Pique and in regular tea, is my favorite. I drink it each morning instead of coffee. These comes in individual packets. You could easily keep the packets in your purse for work or when traveling. These are also organic, so that was a big plus for me too.

I think the idea behind Pique is great and any tea lover will enjoy it.