Monday, February 1, 2016

Product Review: Puro Sound Labs' Healthy Ears Headphones

Listening to music on headphones can be dangerous, as lots of people damage their hearing from listening to music too loudly for too long. Teenagers are especially at risk for this, as they're the most likely to do this. Puro Sound Labs has two different models people can use to make listening to music safer: a head set, and ear buds. 

Overall, these are good products, although I find the headset to be better than the earbuds. The earbuds didn't get as much volume, but they were decent. They were also pretty comfortable, and stayed in place nicely for the most part. The headset was my favorite because it is able to be used either with bluetooth technology, or by plugging it in, something that I really like. Not everything has the bluetooth technology, so it's a good option for people who want to be able to use them both ways. 

The headset also got a decent range, as it was able to work in a different room. I wouldn't go much farther than that, though, especially if there's a closed door between them.