Friday, February 19, 2016

Maroo Audio - designer headphones for women

Sleek Gemstones and Stunning Glass Crystals Adorn Earphones that Provide Unbeatable Sound Quality and Experience; Styles Ranging from Modern and Sophisticated to Classic and Bold.

Maroo Audio, a creator of specialty audio solutions for music loving consumers, today announced two new lines of fashion-forward, premier sound, noise-isolating earphones designed and engineered specifically for women’s smaller ears.

The new GEM and ICE collections combine ‘fit plus fashion’ into two new collections for those women wanting to make a bold statement with their earphone fashion while demanding exceptional sound quality and comfort. 

The new lines present two distinctive, yet fashionable styles, while Maroo Audio’s proprietary micro drivers deliver deep bass response and crystal-clear highs with a signature full-range sound, making these jewelry-like earphones sound as beautiful as they look.

GEM – The GEM line is modern yet classic with sleek metallic elements and stunning cut glass gemstones that add some bold bling as a wardrobe accessory. Gem brings chic style and beautiful full-range sound. The Gem Collection for women takes cues from both the fashion and audio worlds and is specifically designed to fit women’s smaller ears.

ICE – Taking cues from the latest fashion trends, the ICE line features polished metallic earphones, each encircled with quality cut name-brand crystals for a chic jewelry look. The Ice line presents an edgy sophistication with polished metallic studs and glass crystal-encircled earphones.

Unlike other manufacturers that just add pretty colors and bedazzle their current lines of earphones, Maroo has engineered the new earphones specifically to fit women’s smaller ears. These noise-isolating earphones are designed with narrower, lightweight housings to fit smaller ear canals for longwearing comfort and safer listening levels.

“Our new earphones deliver best-in-class, full-range sound with rich bass and crystal clear highs in a jeweled package reflecting women’s tastes and style,” said Michael Shaver, senior vice president of sales, Maroo Audio. “Our products are engineered to fit, and we educate users about the importance of fit for best sound and safe listening levels for hearing preservation. Maroo Audio has received great interest from both retailers and consumers and are excited to bring these personal-styled earphones to market.”

Maroo Audio has also formed a strategic partnership with a leader in the pro audio space, Advanced Communication Solutions (ACS), based in the UK, to ensure the company’s new audio products deliver the best possible sound quality. ACS creates custom in-ear monitors for some of music’s most recognized talents and is a dedicated hearing preservation company. The result of the collaboration are stunning lines of headphones that offer far more comfort and a better sound experience at lower, healthier listening levels.
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About Maroo Audio
Launched in 2016, Maroo Audio focuses on the untapped opportunities in niche audio solutions for music loving consumers – creating products where true performance, hearing preservation, and style converge.  Founded by a team of audio, fashion, music and technology enthusiasts from Cyber Acoustics, Maroo Audio is the designer audio division of Maroo, a globally positioned brand bringing to market accessories for today’s mobile culture. The company has more than 50 retail partners in 30 countries, including a strategic partnership to exclusively distribute preeminent universal earphones from Advanced Communication Solutions (ACS).  ACS is a British company that creates custom in-ear monitors for some of music’s most recognized artists, dedicated to hearing preservation and avid audiophiles.  For more information please visit

My Thoughts

These headphones really step up and are catered toward a woman for sure. One touch that I really liked is that they are stored in a small rectangular velvet box. It gives them a really nice touch and makes them feel that much more personal and special with the care someone put into them.

I got to try a pair from the gem line. Mine had a yellow/gold gem on the ends of the headphones with a black cord. Theses fit in my ears without issue and didn't seem to want to fall out easy. I have a love hate relationship with headphones usually. I like that these were made for a woman's ear. 

When wearing the Maroo Audio headphones, I got compliments on them when I was out if my hair was up. I'm a girly person, so I liked that these fit me and were stylish. As far as sound quality, I felt they were good. I didn't see any issues with crackling or bad base. The music was crisp and clear, so they functioned that way too.

I think these are a great set of headphones and I would purchase them for a friend or family member who likes to add a little bling to their life.