Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Kohl's: Valentine's Day Gifts That Give Back

You can select special Valentine’s Day gifts that give back with the new Kohl’s Cares collection.  Kohl’s is offering award-winning children’s books from renowned author/illustrator Leo Lionni and complementing accessories priced at just $5 each, with 100 percent of net profit benefiting children’s health initiatives nationwide. 

The Kohl’s Cares collection is available at all Kohl’s stores nationwide and on Kohls.com now through early April.

Books and accessories featured in the Kohl’s Cares collection this spring include:
  •          Frederick book and mouse soft toy
  •          A Color of His Own book and chameleon soft toy
  •          It's Mine! Book and frog soft toy
  •          Cornelius book and crocodile soft toy
  •          Swimmy book
  •          Tote bag
  •          101 Kids Activities book

My Thoughts

My children were thrilled with the new Kohl's Cares  selections. We received the frog and the chameleon plush and both of the toys are toddler safe with no small pieces or button eyes.  To go along with each of the stuffed animals, we are got a beautiful hard back picture book filled with vivid illustrations and fun stories!  They are the perfect stories to read just before bedtime.   This set of books was especially exciting because it includes classic titles that my children have enjoyed for years.  One of them my son just read in class just this week!

It's hard to believe you get such high quality toys and books for only $5 a piece. But the best part is, you can feel good knowing these are gifts that give back. Through the Kohl’s Cares program, 100 percent of the net profit from this collection supports children’s health and education initiatives nationwide.

These are only a few examples of the awesome toys available at Kohl's. You can find gifts for the whole family for every occasion.  It's all under one roof and all for the best possible prices. To keep up with all the great products at Kohl's, be sure to check out their website or follow them on face book.


VickeC said...

just came fron Kohls,,these are very cute

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