Thursday, February 25, 2016


Are you sick and tired of inaccurate readings, long read times or poor quality?! Search no more!
At Zoe+Ruth our team has created the ZR-P100+ thermometer with excellent features for your precious families to solve these problems. We are a family run business with young children of our own and are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality devices.

• Quick-read from 10 seconds
• Waterproof so cleans easily
• Reliable with extensive clinical testing, FDA and CE approved
• State of the art microchip, accurate temperature reading to within 0.2 F and 0.1 C
• Convenience of Oral, Axillary or Rectal reading
• Light weight ergonomic design with a soft flexible tip for maximum comfort
• Our small Pen-style thermometers is ideal for all age ranges from infant to child to adult
• Last reading memory recall
• Factory default set to Fahrenheit (Celsius readings available at the press of a button)
• Easy to operate, simple one touch button with Fever warning andEasy read LCD display
• Energy saving with automatic shutoff
• Zoe+Ruth Basal chart available to download
• Storage case, hygienic and great for travel
• Replaceable battery

Digital Thermometer • Plastic Storage Case • Clear Instruction Manual • Battery • Warranty Card
Remember to join the Zoe+Ruth VIP club membership (found on your warranty card) for all the extra benefits!

My Thoughts

As a mom of four children between four and fifteen, I think I've tried every type of thermometer there is. The ZOE+RUTH DIGITAL THERMOMETER is by far my top choice.  I am so tired of these newfangled thermometers that you run across foreheads or stick in the ear. Sure, they sound like they would be easier with small kids, but the problem is, they're never accurate.   I used to use the type that you place in their ear, but I found those were very inaccurate and painful for my son who often had ear infections. One time I almost ran to the emergency room because it told me my child had a 106 fever, but when I tried it again, it was only 99 degrees. Wild results like that were the norm with this type of unit.

The ZOE+RUTH DIGITAL THERMOMETER is awesome because the results are definitely accurate. I tried it on all of  my kids a few times and every time is came out in the normal range.  It didn't change or fluctuate every time I used it.  If it's giving me an accurate reading when they are well, I know I can trust it to be accurate when they are sick too. You can use the thermometer under the arm, in the mouth, or rectally if you're brave enough.

I also like the sleek design of this thermometer. It's red and orange in color, but the really cool part is that the tip is flexible. This makes it easier to get it in just the right position and also makes it a lot harder to damage. There is a memory feature that allows you to see the last reading, so you can compare and see if there is any improvement. You can choose between both Celsius and Fahrenheit options.  The temperature is displayed on a large glowing screen that is easy to read, even in dim lighting

The thermometer comes in a nice clear case that keeps it protected. Batteries are included and can be easily replaced. Overall, I have to say this is one of the best thermometers you can get for such a reasonable price.


VickeC said...

I could use one of these for my house for the grandkids

Jerry Marquardt said...

This would definitely make measuring the temperature a lot easier to do.