Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide - Meet The World's First Smart Duck

Edwin is the world's first Smart Duck; a learning toy with personality designed to be your child’s new best friend. Utilizing SQUACK™ Technology and a companion app, children can control Edwin on the screen with a turn, tap or tilt of the rubber duck toy. App content includes:

  • Play – Educational games teach shapes, colors, letters, and numbers.
  • Learn – Stories emphasizing self-confidence and good decision-making.
  • Sing – Edwin (waterproof) can splash and play in the bath, shower or pool while streaming original content or a favorite playlist. 
  • Dream – Use the separate "Edwin Lullaby" app to adjust the color of Edwin’s LED nightlight and play exclusive lullabies/white noise. 

My Thoughts

What a wonderful idea ! I spent so much time searching for a learning tool for my toddler , endless days both in person and in stores . There  are so many different products available it's so hard to choose one . When  I first saw Edwin   I was intrigued a duck with the personality how can that be true? I thought it was just another gadget . But as I learned more about it I was and remain amazed ! I finally found a product that did what it said. I ordered Edwin  and it arrived in just a couple of days. I have spent more time playing with it at this point than my toddler because it's a Christmas present!

When I received Edwin I opened it up and it was just such a cute little duck easy to play with easy to handle small enough to fit in my child's hands but not so small that it would be dropped easily. Edwin works along with apps that you can get on your devices . You then shake him ,turn him around , and tap him in different areas. Edwin is equipped with Bluetooth speakers this enables your child to sing and dance along with Edwin as he sings and dances on your device he's a wonderful charming happy animated character that interacts in real time with your child. There are so many different things that your child can do with Edwin it's as if the fun  never ends. Whatever kind of mood they are in they can find an interaction that will work for them using Edwin.

Edwin is absolutely waterproof so he can be a part of your child's daily  bathing routine and he can then tell a bedtime story . Edwin is equipped with a soft glowing light that your child can use as a night light. 

Edwin is BPA free and your child can grow along with him starting at newborn and going up through toddler ages. there  are so many different things that your child can do they are still creating new things for Edwin to do so he can grow with your child .  I've never found a better fully interactive developmentally designed toy that worked so well with my child. 

Edwin interacts to play games tell stories and sing songs your child will get so much excitement out of telling you the stories and singing songs for you .Edwin is fully animated on the app so his appearance in character is so friendly there are a great many lessons that can be taught using Edwin  including working with your child in a fun way to clean their room ! Throughout  the day your child can go back-and-forth and do what ever their little heart desires. In today's day of nearly everything we do throughout our day being computerized Edwin is at the cutting edge of our children's interactions with technology.