Thursday, December 10, 2015

Emoji Pillow Review

Kissing, snogging and canoodling. No matter where you’re from or what you like to call it, kissing triggers a spectrum of physiological processes that can help boost both your mood, and immunity (it’s true). The Kissy Face PlushMoji® Emoji Icon Pillow embodies all that is great about kissing, or letting someone know you’d like to kiss them.
The Kissy Face PlushMoji® Emoji Icon Pillow is cute, spits kissy hearts, and winks in a sly manner, letting that loved one know that the only way to avoid that common cold, is through kissing you :)
The Kissy Face PlushMoji® Emoji Icon Pillows winking eye lets you know it cares and the kissy lips emoting a heart spreads good feelings and love.
Available in 6" and 12"

Our Thoughts

My nine-year old is a chatty cathy on all of her various online games. Each one is basically a hangout with other kids online to chat and play animal games and she loves using emoticons to show emotions. I knew this would be the perfect gift for her as soon as I saw them.

The PlusMoji also invokes a real serious feeling of love as my daughter and her father talk in messages and sometimes they only use emoticons and my daughter giggles uncontrollably. There will never be a time that she looks at her PlusMoji in the future and doesn't remember the awesome memories she had with friends and her father!

The pillow is quite large and fits my kid's head perfectly. She does have to readjust it at night as her head falls off, but she refuses to sleep with any other pillow now. I would recommend this being a decorative pillow if you're able too so it doesn't get beat up, but that's not always possible when kids love them this much.

None of the seams are coming apart and it's still a pretty vivid yellow color. The pillow is just adorable and is great for kids.

They have so many styles to choose from, there is something for everyone this Holiday season!

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Reviewed by Jackie