Thursday, December 24, 2015

Book Review: Simple Green Smoothies

People know they need to eat their greens (and lots of fruit too) to maintain good health. Still, for many it's hard to do. They don't know what do do with all the veggies they buy, or don't even try to do anything with them, for fear of not having enough time to prepare healthy options.

Two mothers know the struggle, but they gave it a try anyway. Jen Hansard and Jadah Sellner went from exhausted and overwhelmed to empowered and energized after committing to the smoothie lifestyle. Their instagram posts detailing recipes soon became a book that looks to take the guesswork out of making them. 

Their book starts with each author giving readers some background into their lives before they started making smoothies, and details the changes they experience shortly afterward. They also give readers details about how to save some money while making smoothies, how to make save time, and gives some interesting, detailed recipes for various things. There are smoothies for energy, smoothies to help one recover post-workout, and recipes that will help one's skin as well.

One of the things I really liked was how they broke down various blenders, how to wash produce, and there is a listing of substitute ingredients for those who either can't find an ingredient, or can't have them. For example, I was dismayed to see how many smoothie recipes included mango (I'm allergic), and ingredients I hadn't seen around here. With their list, I can still get the benefits of the different recipes. 

I chose to use their basic rockstar recipe. I altered it slightly to add more liquid in, but they came out pretty nice. :) The first one I made included Kale, Coconut Milk, and Grapes. It was surprisingly refreshing and I barely tasted the Kale at all. 

The next one I tried was one made up of coconut water, broccoli, pears, and peaches. That one, I taste the green more, but it's still good. The best part is, even though the recipe technically serves two, my husband and I were able to actually get more than that out of the batch. If you're interested in trying a healthier diet, I definitely recommend this book.