Saturday, November 7, 2015

Whimzee's dog treats - a stocking stuffer for your pet's teeth.

Whimzee's Dog Chews

A company of dog-lovers, people-lovers and Earth-lovers. They're obsessed with bringing only the best, healthiest and most-fun dog products to the world. And they do it in a sustainable, socially-responsible way.

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My Thoughts

When these arrived, I thought they were adorable little hedge hog looking chews. I have a large dog, so 4 came in the bag. Upon inspecting, they were large and hard. It wouldn't be easy to break apart, and I felt like it would take my dog a little while to eat. I wasn't 100% sure if this was meant to be a snack to the dog, or if it would last a few days.

When first giving to my lab, she carried it around, but then left it alone. I'd bring it back to her and give it to her, but she honestly wasn't very interested in it. At least while I was around. I discovered that she ate it while I was away for a few hours. She has anxieties and usually chews on one of her toys while I am away--thankfully nothing she isn't supposed to.

I gave her another one, and the same thing seemed to happen. She was disinterested when home, but when I was gone, she'd eat it. So I can't report how long it took her to break it apart and enjoy.

The ingredients in the Whimzee's treats let me feel safe with what I was giving her. There wasn't anything questionable in it. With all the ridges and grooves, I'm sure it was able to get some of the plaque off the dogs teeth. Over all, I was pleased with these and would continue to get them for her.