Saturday, November 7, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide - Vuka natural energy drinks for the caffeine lover in your life

Are you a busy mom and dad? Active in sports, running, triathlons, yoga etc.? Love natural food and beverages? Are always a person with a Red Bull, Monster or coffee in your hand? Do you need a pick-me up, but want the natural "wake up?" Well, I have the natural beverage products for you called Vuka Natural Energy Drinks ( and I think this would be an amazing "Anytime Gift" or "Stocking Stuffer" (as the holidays are approaching) for your gift guides especially for those that want to recharge and "wake up" their body and minds the natural way rather than a chemical concoction. Vuka can be found at regional Whole Foods and Sprouts (to name a few retails stores-you can find more stores here; Vuka is sold for under $3) and can be bought online at

Meet the Founders of Vuka Natural Energy Drinks--Darian and Alexia Bregman, ( ; headquarters in San Diego, CA), who grew up in South Africa, hence the origin of the name Vuka: "wake up" in Zulu. When they started learning about the energy drink market, they had a kind of "wake up" call noticing all the chemicals, preservatives and harmful aspects in the energy drink sector. So they decided to create a range of energy drinks that cater to different occasions, filled with nutrients and vitamins to help you get the right kind of energy for those events. They made Vuka with natural ingredients, no preservatives, and flavors that taste like the real drinks they are, not some kind of unnatural chemical concoction. They are know listed as #14 among all the natural energy drinks in the world, which is a huge deal for a small company of only 6 employees. Vuka Natural Energy Drinks has four flavors to chose from including: Workout (Berry Lemonade), Workout Zero (Berry Lemondade; zero calorie), Think (Pomegranate Lychee) and Renew (Mango Peach)--you can find all the flavors and ingredients by clicking here.

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My Thoughts

I love an extra kick of energy through the day as a writer. I spend a lot of hours in front of the computer and it can get mentally draining, and I find myself looking for something with either caffeine or a big dose of B vitamins. When given the opportunity to try Vuka, I was excited. I received a variety pack with:

Workout (Berry Lemonade flavor)
Workout Zero (Berry Lemonade and no calories or sugar)
Think (Pomegranate Lychee)
Renew (Mango Peach)

I have had an opportunity to try them all. I thought my favorite would be Renew because I love mango and peach flavored items, but this tasted sort of like a beer to me. I had my husband try it too, and he agreed. I really didn't pick up on the mango or peach flavor. However, it was still enjoyable and after drinking this one, I did feel a kick in energy. I think this one gave me the most energy.

Think was my favorite. I loved the taste of this one and it didn't really give me a kick of energy. I drank half a bottle before sitting down for a writing session and I feel like it did help me stay focused. I often time drink something packed with B vitamins if I have a lot of writing to get done for focus. I feel like this drink helped.

I then tried both of the Workout drinks. I preferred the non-zero one over the zero option. Though, my husband liked both, so it really shows how everyones tastes buds are different. I drank half of one before going out for my daily walk and I felt like it did give me the stamina to keep going and go longer. My dog wishes I gave her one.

What did I think of the drinks? I liked them. I liked the ingredients in this. They were natural and I usually don't like carbonated drinks, but these were done so lightly, that I enjoyed it.

You may have noticed that I mentioned only drinking half a bottle. When looking at the label, I noticed each serving was roughly 22-23g of sugar (depending on flavor). That is high to me, and I noticed each bottle is 2 servings. If you were to drink the whole thing, you'd get 46g of sugar. That's way too much. I am sure some of the sugar may be natural in it from the ingredients they use, but the bottle might need to be smaller. With these being carbonated and the convenience of putting them in a bag, you're tempted to drink the whole thing.

Aside from the portion and sugar issue, I liked these and might use again.