Friday, November 20, 2015

Unique Coloring Books for Adults Review

Kick-start your creativity with these coloring books for adults! Pencils, crayons, markers, or paint—whatever medium you choose, you can illuminate a beautiful piece of art with the use of color palettes and your inner interior designer. Gorgeous vintage and "nature-inspired" patterns with swirls and angles make each page an interesting adventure. Use these designs as inspiration for stenciling, crafts, or even tattoos! Coloring can be relaxing and meditative, so get out your art supplies and enjoy!

You won't get in trouble for coloring on these walls! The Wallpaper Coloring Book offers wallpaper designs to color in, from twenty distinct eras. From the 1730s to the present day, you'll find all sorts of interesting patterns. You may even pick up some decorating tips! 

Our Thoughts

I am steadily racking up my stock of adult coloring books. I absolutely love them. They take you straight back to your childhood, at least for me. As a kid I would color for hours with music playing in the background and it is still something I do today. They are much better than the kids coloring books that I play with with my kids. Now they can use their age appropriate books and I an use mine! 

The Nature Coloring Book is my favorite because I love flowers and nature themed items. This book doesn't just have flowers in it, there are beautiful pictures of full-sized animals of various types throughout the book as well. These are easy to color, big enough to fit markers and crayons. I like to use colored pencils and skinny markers. The markers don't bleed through the pages, but even if they do they're blank on the back of each page.  I just wish the pages were perforated because the pictures are so pretty that I want to take some of them out and frame them!

The Wallpaper Coloring book is definitely quirky and unique. My nine year old loves this book actually. Each page has some type of dog or cat and my daughter is obsessed with cats. The furniture and designs are pretty cool to learn about the different time periods and how they actually furnished their rooms then. The designs are really easy to color, I recommend markers for these ones so they're pretty bold as it's a "wall" you're coloring.

The art in each of these books is great. There's also other items like the Vintage book so there really is something for everyone. Great gifts to give for the Holiday Season!

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Reviewed by Jackie


Terra Heck said...

I've recently taken up the hobby of adult coloring books. I find it to be calming. I really like the ones you reviewed. I'm putting them on my Christmas wish list!