Friday, November 20, 2015

Laser Maze Toy Review

The Laser Maze is the perfect present to include in a “toys under $30” gift guide or as an educational present. This game is approved to increase STEM knowledge, which is beneficial to children on more levels then educational, the game will encourage them to use a good dose of brain power.

The Laser Maze is a beam-bending logic game that forces kids to utilize the mirrors and direct the laser beams through a series of mind challenging mazes. This one of a kind game allows kids to incorporate lasers, puzzles and hands on entertainment. 

Our Thoughts

My kids have spent hours playing this! Usually they hate it when I make them get off the electronics to play a good ole fashioned board game, but that is not the case when it comes to the Laser Maze. My youngest child especially loves this because it reminds her of a certain fairy movie where light reflected off of mirrors. This really makes both my children utilize some critical thinking to come up with their strategies.

The game box itself is good sized and easily fits everything back in the box for safe keeping. There's not a bunch of tiny items that are in danger of being lost with this either. The cards and game pieces are pretty big so I don't worry about them playing it with their little brother running around. The colors are pretty bold, which is important to me and my kids because we are big visual people. If something isn't visually appealing to us, we lose interest. 

The directions for the game aren't hard, I let my nine year old read and explain it to her younger sister and they did just fine. Their father and I like to play it too! The Laser Maze isn't the only cool game offered, there is something for everyone like this awesome science game, Gyrobot, below so take a look through all of them as these are perfect Holiday gifts for children and the whole family too!

Discovery Channel Store also has many other awesome items so check them all out!

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Reviewed by Jackie