Thursday, November 26, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide - Posie Turner Mantra Socks

Posie Turner, an American sock brand of contemporary women’s socks “for your soul.”  With different inspirational mantras embroidered along the sole of each design, such as “Find Your Flow” and “Be the Light,” the brand’s objective is for women to feel inspired, courageous, and true to themselves with every step.  Perfect as gifts for yogis, friends, or coworkers, as well as stocking stuffers, Posie Turner socks are priced at $20 or $24 a pair.

My Thoughts

 Posie Turner socks come in a wide range of fun and fashionable color schemes. They have socks for  women styles ranging from ankle length to calf high. They are so soft and comfortable it's easy to forget you have them on. They work with all types of shoes. They look great with a pair of boots or sneakers and are the perfect socks to sleep in on nights when you don't want to have bare toes.

Posie Turner socks are also engineered for performance, making them perfect for all types of athletics. They always stay in place, but are never so tight that they cut off your circulation.  They're superior stitching eliminates the annoying bump around the toes and the Y-shape fits perfectly around your heel. It's like they completely conform to your feet.  
 Of course, the greatest aspect of these socks is the beautiful mantras printed on each one. Each time you order a pair of socks from Posie Turner, you are sure to brighten someone's day and help them find inspiration.  That makes them a pretty great deal. If you'd like to learn more about Posie Turner and everything they offer,  be sure to visit their website.