Saturday, November 28, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide - 50 Ways to a Better You

50 Ways to a Better You: A Modern Guide to Happiness, Wisdom, and Well-being helps readers identify and strive for their life goals. Do you feel stuck in a rut? Maybe you want to make a significant change in your career. Or perhaps you’re just hoping to find ways to experience a more meaningful life. This deck is your ideal companion for becoming a happier, better You. Self-improvement tips and inspirational advice guide you toward changes through lifestyle habits, self-care and spirituality. If you’re looking for personal growth, this is the deck for you! Retail price: $19.95

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My Thoughts

This deck is such a wonderful and uplifting idea. Whether you're feeling stuck or just want to keep the positive vibes flowing, this deck could be just what you're looking for. Each card includes beautiful and uplifting tips and advice to help you move forward in a more positive way.  It will help you build a better life-style and grow spiritually.

The 50 Ways to a Better You deck is great for those who don't have time for a long, drawn out self-help book. This deck provides inspirational tidbits that  you can enjoy a little at a time.   You'll never feel overwhelmed, only enlightened. Each card in beautifully printed with lovely colors and large print that is very easy to read. They are a great addition to my library and will be sitting beside my Tarot deck from this point on.


VickeC said...

how nice,i never do anything for myself ,I put my husband,kids and grandkids first ,,I need to take better care of me