Thursday, November 26, 2015

Filter Snap - Delivery filter service for your home

If you think you have clean air in your house, think again. If you haven’t changed your air filters, you’re not only wasting energy and upping your energy bill by some 15%, but you’re also exposing your family to an array of pollutants that would keep you awake at night if you knew about them.

So be sure to add filter changing to your fall to-do list – and to make it easy, use a service like Filter Snap that delivers filters to your door on any schedule you choose. Just tell the company your filter size (you’ll find it on your existing filter), and select the filter quality you’d like (basic, standard or ultimate) and the replacement schedule (1, 2, 3, 6 or 12 months). When the box shows up, you’ll know it’s time for a filter change. Your family – and your allergies – will love you for it.

My thoughts 

My daughter has allergies and asthma, so changing the filters in our heating system isn't something I take lightly. We change it regularly every three months. This should be an easy task, but I live in a super small town. The only hardware store that isn't an hour away is a little mom and pop shop that doesn't carry the size we need.  We're faced with the choice of dragging four kids up to the chain store in the next county over or waiting weeks for the little shop to order one in. But now, thanks to Filter Snap, things just got a lot easier.

Filter Snap is a subscription service that allows you to select the filter best suited to you and have it shipped like clock work on a schedule you select.. Even if you have a better selection than I do in your hometown, this service still saves you the hassle of going to the store. Honestly, before it became a health issue for my child, I barely ever remembered to change the filter regularly. With Filter  Snap, you won't have to worry about remembering. It will show up on your door step at just the right time.

Singing up for the program is simple and quick.  You simply select the size of your filter, how often you'd like to receive replacements, and enter in your billing information. After that, you'll never have to think about filters again. I was able to get a high quality filter for under $15 and that included their super-fast shipping. I paid way more than that for the filters I used to purchase at the hardware store.

 Of course,  cancel your subscription at any time. They will even send you reminders before the filter is shipped in case you aren't quite ready for a new one and want to reschedule. You simply can't go wrong with Filter Snap. They make upkeep on your heater a breeze.