Monday, November 30, 2015

Captain McFinn Swim & Play App

These days there are a million and one apps out there. When it comes to my children, I normally look for apps that offer educational content. I never really thought to look for an app that teaches good moral lessons, but that's exactly what you get with Captain McFinn & Friends. This engaging app helps to teach children how to be better people while holding their interest with fun and interactive games. 

In Captain McFinn Swim & Play, your children will be able to explore an underwater wonderland complete with submarines and pirate ships.  They can even choose a cute fish avatar to play as. One of the really unique aspects of the game is that live people, known as Explorers, respond in real time to how your child engages with Captain McFinn’s interactive undersea world. There is also a chat box for parents to ask the Explorer questions and a clap button for cheering on other users.

The goal of the Swim & Play app is to help preschoolers learn social and emotional skills that will help them get along with others and be successful in their social interactions.  They're be taught things such as sharing and politeness, playing nicely in a group, and being thankful and respectful to others.

This version of the game includes three alternating worlds – Sand Dusty Reef, the home of Captain McFinn, Riff Raff Reef, which focuses on preventing bullying behaviors, and The Unsmashable Cross Section, which is a sunken ship that encourages proper manners.   These worlds offer over two hundred animated hot spots. There are eight different activities focusing on drawing, creating music, and reading.  Children can earn badges for completing activities. 

My children really loved this game. They thought the underwater world was magical and engaging. They enjoyed getting to know the Explorers. The game is challenging without being frustrating and perfect for children between the ages of three and five.

Captain McFinn’s Swim & Play sells for only $2.99 in the Apple Store and through Google Play.

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