Saturday, October 10, 2015

Web Series Review: Con Man

The concept of this show really grabbed my attention, and calls to mind two other favorites: Grosse Pointe and The Grinder.

The former was a WB series that explored on and off-screen happenings on a popular teen drama. The latter is a new series that explores a former star of a legal drama finding his way in the real world. 

Like these two favorites, Con Man uses humor and sarcasm to tell the story of an actor named Wray Nearly (Alan Tudyk) working the convention circuit after his show is cancelled. Making things worse for him, his former co-star is a huge celebrity now, reminding him that he has failed to reach the level of success he had hoped for. 

When the show opens with Nearly being forced to sign an autograph in the bathroom, you know you're in for something unique. As I was watching in a public place, I had to fight not to burst into uncontrollable laughter-- something that happened more than once over the two episodes I was provided. 

While there are things that called the shows I mentioned to mind, this series is its own unique entity that both spoofs the Con life while paying homage to it. As many involved are former stars of the show Firefly, you get a sense of authenticity and affection for the world that comes with the experience.

I recommend this show for anyone who was a fan of Firefly, or likes Cons. It's also great for people who like off-beat humor.