Monday, October 12, 2015

Review: Dandies Pumpkin Marshmallows

A new twist on the always-awesome Dandies Minis vegan marshmallows are here just in time for the Fall holidays - get ready for Pumpkin Dandies Minis!

Yes, they're exactly what they sound like - naturally pumpkin flavored vegan mini marshmallows that are perfect for your Fall season baking needs, offering you a creative and flavorful new way to enjoy fluffy sweet goodness in your favorite dishes (or, straight out of the bag!) Dandies are great in any application you would normally use a marshmallow for - just that now you get the delicious taste of pumpkin as well. They make for one heck of a sweet potato topper (as well as the classic sweet potato casserole so many enjoy at Thanksgiving!), make a batch of unique rice crispy treats, enjoy a fun new way to top off your hot cocoa...if you like marshmallows and you're a fan of pumpkin, you can't go wrong using these little gems in place of regular vanilla marshmallows!

Dandies Vegan Marshmallows are a cruelty-free alternative to the traditional marshmallow. They're all natural, contain no corn syrup or gelatin, and are the first ever marshmallow to be certified Non-GMO Verified!

Dandies have a traditional marshmallow texture and flavor. They're perfect for roasting over a campfire, popping into cocoa, or just straight snacking!

Dandies are certified Kosher by cRc.

Dandies Vegan Marshmallows Product Information:
  • Melts and tastes just like a traditional gelatin-based marshmallow
  • 100% Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Corn and corn syrup free
  • Free of most common allergens
  • Made in a dedicated vegan facility
  • Certified Kosher by cRc
  • Non-GMO verified
Dandies Vegan Marshmallows are made by Chicago Vegan Foods: The company was started over a decade ago by teenage friends Ryan Howard and Dan Ziegler with the goal of merging their love for animals and activism into a business that could help bring awareness to veganism. 

You can visit Chicago Vegan Foods on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Purchase Dandies Vegan Marshmallows online and in stores at major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Thrive Market.

Our Thoughts
Chicago Vegan Foods generously sent me all 3 Dandies marshmallow packages to try - oh yum!  I have seen them in stores before but hadn't yet tried them.  With fall's cooling temps, it's the perfect time to try them out with some baked goods.

Now, we follow the paleo diet here - and true, marshmallows aren't exactly paleo, LOL, but hey.  A girl's gotta have a treat every now and then!  I haven't rice crispy treats in 6 years . . . well, can't exactly have the rice crispies, so I found a recipe online that called for almonds and macadamia nuts instead.  I may not have eaten rice crispy treats in at least 6 years, and it's been much, much longer since I made them.  Of course, I only remembered to grab the ingredient list (1 c. almonds, 1 c. macadamia nuts, 1c. marshmallows, 1 Tbsp butter)- after all how hard can making the treats be?  I remembered you melt the butter (I used a combination of unrefined coconut oil and palm shortening) and the marshmallows together. It takes 10 of the big Dandies Vegan Marshmallows to make a cup, by the way! Haha, I counted as I stuffed them in the measuring cup.

It seemed to take a long time for the marshmallows to melt and once they did, it was really tough to get the nuts to mix in with the melted marshmallows.  I think I should have used a double boiler instead.  I ended up kneading the nuts into the melted marshmallows - got that to work. 

Tasty!  Although, I think next time I'd use either all almond or another type of nut; the macadamia nuts were a little too rich for my taste in this recipe.  Knowing how this recipe turned out, Dandies marshmallows would be a fun addition for making a chewy grain-free granola bar.

I keep meaning to try the Dandies Minis vegan marshmallows in with a cup of pumpkin spice latte - here I like to use Bengal Spice tea along with a Pumpkin Spice tea (I like my tea on the strong side), combined with honey and coconut milk - these would be a perfect addition - except it's been really warm the last few days so I'll wait until it's a bit cooler.  I also have a fabulous recipe for grain-free gingersnaps (aka Grandma's molasses cookies) - I need to make a batch and then melt some of these pumpkin minis in between 2 cookies like an oatmeal cream pie, only with gingersnaps. 

I keep meaning to try these all these recipes with the marshmallows . . . but darn it, these are SO freakin' tasty I'm snacking on them straight!  I'm so glad to have a marshmallow alternative that is corn, dye, and artificial flavor free!

P.S.  The dog loves them too ~ she tries to steal them right out of my hand!  Terrible beggar, she is. :)