Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Regular Show: The Movie

Mordecai and Rigby are back in Regular Show: The Movie!
The highly-anticipated epic adventure centers around Mordecai and Rigby who, after accidentally creating a Timenado, have to go back in time and battle an evil volleyball coach in order to save the universe… and their friendship. 

Regular Show: The Movie bonus features include:
  • Deleted Animatics
  • Movie Animatics
  • Original Board Pitches
  • Movie Trailer
  • Concept & Movie Art Galleries
  • Commentary

My Thoughts
 My children are huge fans of The Regular show and they were super excited when they finally got their own movie.  The show is always completely random and  the movie is no different. While the gang is hanging out at the park, a spaceship lands right in front of them.  The warrior inside warns them that a Timenado could destroy the universe, and of course Mordecai and Rigby are the only ones who can save the world from the evil volleyball coach...or get fired.

The  movie is full of hilarious antics and it's great to see the characters in their crazy sci-fi getup.  They quickly learn that in the future Mordecai has joined the dark side. Rigby is working for the resistance. They have to fight to save their friendship as well as the world, and there are lots of laughs and action along the way.