Saturday, October 31, 2015

New Lighting Technology from Finally Light Bulb

The Finally Light Bulb Company has created Acandescence™, an innovative lighting technology for everyday home use, which reliably recreates the same light as an incandescent without the energy waste or excessive cost. The light it produces is both eco and consumer-friendly, easy on the wallet and comfortable on the eyes. With roots in induction technology, Acandescence™ uses a copper coil – not a tungsten filament or an electrode – to generate light.

Additional attributes include:
·         75% more efficient than an incandescent and will last 15 times longer – providing up to $75 worth of savings over its lifetime 
·         Made in the recognizable and attractive Edison light bulb shape
·         Reproduces the reassuring warm, high-quality and omnidirectional light of the beloved incandescent bulbs 
·         Unvarying light from bulb to bulb or brand to brand, like LEDs or CFLs, because only Finally™ bulbs use Acandescence™
·         Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, Finally™ bulbs fit everywhere and work in any fixture 

Finally Light Bulbs are available for purchase on their site as well as sites like,, and The 60 Watt replacement retails for $9.99. The 100 Watt is available for pre-order at $14.99 (reduced from $17.99 as listed in the spec sheet). Finally will also be offering a 75 Watt Replacement bulb.  

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My Thoughts

These light bulbs look a little strange at first, but they definitely offer some serious advantages.  They are heavier than I'm used to and looked so dark white that I found it hard to believe the light would come through the glass.  However, all my fears about these bulbs not living up to their claims were found-less. The Finally Bulbs are some of the best ones I've tried. Since making the switch, my house seems so much brighter! The warm light makes each room feel homier.  Even better, they last  up to 15,000 hours. That is way longer than other bulbs. I have cathedral ceilings. For me, changing a light-bulb means getting out a 15 foot ladder.  The less I have to do that, the better. So these bulbs are a Godsend for me. I'm been using them for about a month, and the light is still going strong.

Bottom line--don't let the odd size or the big price tag intimidate you. Even though they are a little pricey initial, they last 15% longer than traditional bulbs, and they will reduce your electric bill. Plus, bulbs that last longer mean we'll be creating less waste. They are just a great deal all around, and I'm excited to have them in my home.