Friday, October 16, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide - Hahn’s Old Fashioned Coffee Cake

Coffee cake is a staple for many families during the holiday season and Hahn’s coffee cake is the best of the best. Using all natural fresh ingredients and an old family recipe the tradition continues.  Hahn’s offers the original coffee cake as well as best sellers like the Apple Crumb Cake , Mocha Cappuccino Cake and the Can of Crumbs, just the topping of the crumb cakes.

In 1983 Mr. and Mrs. Hahn retired from their jobs as schoolteachers and began following their passion and baking their crumb cake from an old family recipe out of their kitchen. Soon, much of New York was clamoring for their delicious crumb cake. Today, Hahn’s still uses that same old-fashioned family recipe and only the best natural ingredients. Many people throughout the country can't wait to receive their Hahn's crumb cake at the holidays.......and throughout the year.
My Thoughts
Hahn's  makes delicious coffee cakes that come in a variety of tasty flavors. Each one is made using only the freshest and most natural ingredients.  I was lucky enough to try out their variety pack which gives you a taste of three of their most popular flavors: Crumb, Chocolate, and Raspberry. This is a huge portion that lasted for well over a week in my house, and we had five people munching on it regularly as well as a few guests. 

 Our cake arrived beautifully and securely packaged to ensure lasting freshness. Even through the plastic, it was easy to see all the the mouth watering chocolate, fruit, and crumb topping.  I couldn't wait to cut this baby open and actually wound up eating a piece for lunch. Hey, there's nothing wrong with having cake for lunch, especially when it's this good! My favorite was the chocolate, but all three flavors were spectacular and not one bite went to waste. 

Out of the box, the coffee cake looked even better. The aroma  was mouth watering, and it was so fresh and moist it was like slicing through butter.  Believe me, it tastes just as good as it looks. Each bite melts in your mouth. At the end of the week, it still tasted as fresh as it did when it arrived. I've always been leery about ordering cakes through the mail, but with Hahn's you get a fresh baked delight that's well worth the price. I don't think I've ever tasted a coffee cake this good! 

Another awesome product I was sent as a little bonus is the Can of Crumbs. These are delicious bite size crumb cakes. It's like getting a cookie and a cake in one perfect portion. Each one is moist and delicious. My stepfather was especially fond of them, so I know what he'll be getting for Christmas this  year!
 These are only a few of the many selections you can find at Hahn's Old Fashioned Crumb Cake. Some of their other flavors include Brownie and Mocha Cappuccino. They even offer a subscription program, so you can have fresh coffee cakes delivered to your door every month without any hassle. To see all Hahn's has to offer, be sure to visit their website or follow them on face book.