Friday, October 16, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide - BitterSweet Bracelet for your hair band

Tis the season for city streets to be filled with the hustle and bustle of holiday shoppers, festive music cheerfully playing throughout all retail stores and the aroma of holiday cooking filling your home. Nothing is more jovial than the holiday season, except the pressure of finding the perfect gift, once again, for that special woman in your life.

This year, your search for the perfect gift for the women in your life is solved… introducing BitterSweet, a bracelet that was specifically designed to keep your elastic hair band on your wrist in a beautiful and chic jewelry bracelet. We all know women that keep that elastic hair band around their wrists at all times of the day. We never know when we will be in need of that drab but most needed hair band, so we automatically place it on our wrist without giving it much thought, but oh… what an eye sore it is! BitterSweet solves both problems, having the hair band on your wrist while being stylish, from the office to a night out, from busy mom running around town to going to the gym, you will always have it on hand while feeling fashionable.

The BitterSweet bracelet, makes THE perfect holiday gift and it’s just ideal for stocking stuffers. If you have a mother, sister, girlfriend, or co-worker, they all will be ecstatic to receive a BitterSweet bracelet (well, as long as they have hair to pull back in a band)

Starting at $45, BitterSweet is a must have this holiday!

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My Thoughts

I love this product. What a great idea. I always have a hair band around my wrist and usually until it gets stretched out, it will cut off my circulation. This alleviates that issue. Instead, you have a stylish bracelet with a hair band around it. And even when you take the hair band off, it still looked good.

In the photos above, the bracelet is on my 8 year old daughter. It fit her, as well as me, without issue. My daughter loves it as well and keeps taking it whenever she can.

I have small wrists, in fact they are smaller than my daughters. When I didn't have the hair band on, it was a bit to big for me and I worried about it falling off. The bracelet didn't feel like I could bend it to make it tighter. It was very well made and a thick metal.

Over all, I really liked this and could see myself purchasing more. This really would be a great gift for a woman who likes to put their hair up and down throughout the day. And best of all, it adds some fashion to an outfit without having a hair band around your wrist.