Friday, October 9, 2015

Heal your blisters with Compeed

As we find ourselves transitioning our shoes from summer sandals to sky-high stilettos, our feet are definitely feeling the wear and tear of the changing of seasons. Luckily, COMPEED—the newest solution for relieving blister pain instantly—has got us covered. 

It's no wonder 97% of European women who rated and reviewed COMPEED said they would recommend it to a friend, and now the products are finally available on this side of the pond.

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My Thoughts

These are great. They really do work and make your feels feel so much better when getting a blister. I recently got a new pair of shoes and I got the dreaded blisted on the back. This always make it painful to wear shoes the next few days. However, thanks to Compeed, I was able to slip my shoes on the next day and make it through the day.

It did help with pain. I could still tell the blister was there, but it was masked much more than just applying a band-aid to my heel. I found that this lasted through most of the day. It only wore off near the end.

With Compeed, I feel like my blister healed faster. Its very cushioned, so it kept the back of my shoes from being able to run against the blister. Definitely a staple for any one to have in their home for themselves, spouse, or kid.