Friday, October 9, 2015

Downy Ball - Easy Pour, Easy Measure, Easy Clean

Fabric Softener Made Simple with Easy Pour, Easy Measure, Easy Clean
No longer linger by the washer for the rinse cycle to begin, just fill and go

In the past, if you wanted to use fabric softener to give your clothes the softness of a cloud, there would be the time consuming task of having to wait for the rinse cycle before adding the softener. Dryer sheets do not give your clothing the same feel or scent of liquid fabric softener. Washers today are made with a built in fabric softener dispensers but they easily get clogged and create a mess. Downy has created a simple solution called the Downy Ball. Downy Ball helps you soften your clothes in 3 simple steps. Fill to the appropriate line on Downy Ball for the wash load size, pull the ring tightly to close the ball and toss the ball on top of your clothes before starting the wash cycle.

The Downy Ball releases the fabric softener automatically so that you do not need to wait for the rinse cycle to add your fabric softener. During the rinse cycle the washer’s spinning motion opens the Downy Ball releasing the softener and creating one less hassle for laundry doers. Top loading washing machines now have a built in dispenser but they can easily get clogged and make it more difficult for the softener to reach the clothes. The Downy Ball can be used in traditional washers. It can be used in some HE machines, but may not work in all front loaders and other HE machines because the water does not fill up high enough to open the ball and release the softener. Consult your machine’s owner’s manual for information regarding use of the Downy Ball.

The Downy Ball, originally called the Downy Dispenser, first came out in January of 1960. The ball is made of clouded plastic with a metal weight and two metal side weights. It has been 55 years since The Downy Ball debuted and it is still sold in stores today and found in laundry rooms across the country. For best use of the Downy Ball, fill only to the appropriate line for the wash load size and ensure the washing machine is not overloaded with clothing.

The Downy Ball is sold at Target, Walmart, and many other grocery, drug and mass retailers. The Downy Ball is available for $2.29. For more information please visit:

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My Thoughts

I've never used a downy ball before. I have seen them, but I have always filled up the cup in the middle of the washer for fabric softener. But that things gets gross. I hate having to pull it out and clean out all the fabric softener that the washing machine doesn't use. I was curious to try this product and how it would know when to open.

Now, I can't answer how it knew when to open, but it did use all the fabric softener inside and cleaning this was much easier than the one in my washing machine. When I just rinsed it out the next time I washed clothes and if it wasn't a load I needed fabric softer for, then it dried off on a shelf.

It was easy to fill and simple to use. Once you add the amount of fabric softener you want, you just pop it into the wash while it's filling up with your clothes, and you're good to go. That's it. I found my clothes to be fresh and had a nice scent to them. I did use Downy fabric softener for this, but you can use any brand in it.