Saturday, October 10, 2015

DVD Review: The Code Season 1

In THE CODE, Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess, Battlestar Galactica, Parks & Recreation) headlines an excellent ensemble cast in an award-winning, top notch political thriller in the vein of State of Play and Line of Duty. This intriguing drama follows several interweaving storylines that start with a mysterious accident and the death of an Aboriginal girl in the outback. The girl’s former teacher, Alex (Lucy Lawless), becomes involved with two brothers – a journalist and a genius computer hacker - to try to unravel the mystery behind her death. “Highly entertaining but chillingly prescient” (The Australian), THE CODE mixes top-notch performances, high-tech twists, and noirish intrigue for an utterly engrossing drama.

My Thoughts

 I have been a huge fan of Lucy Lawless since her Xena days, so I was really excited to see the cast. Lucy leads a stellar cast in this political thriller about two brothers, a journalist and a hacker, who stumble upon some secret information that puts them in the middle of a government plot.  Alex (Lawless) is a teacher who gets involved because the Aboriginal girl who's killed in the crossfire was one of her students.   There are six episodes in this first season:

One - An accident looks like murder and an internet journalist named Ned wants to prove it. Even though his brother Jesse is on probation for hacking, he cleans up a video that proves the death is linked to the government.

2-  Jesse is arrested while Ned is off working on the investigation. New cyber-security is also brought it to help capture the elusive Andy King.

3-  Both Ned and Andy are trying to find where Jesse's been taken. Meanwhile Jesse runs into an old friend named Hani.

4 - Ned works on uncracking the code along with Jesse and a few others. Hani could be deported.

5- Ned makes a deal for Jesse's release while Hani finds himself in the clutches of Andy King.

6-  Ned & Jesse must turn to the black market to free Hani while their friend Sophie sets up a trap.  

The Code is an outstanding series with great character development some awesome scenes in the Australian outback.  I really enjoyed this series and look forward to seeing what happens next in season two. If you want to pick up a copy of this fast-paced series for yourself, its available online at Acorn Media and on Amazon.