Monday, October 12, 2015

Choose Big Buckets of Monsters and Zombies for a Healthy Halloween Handout

Halloween is creeping around the corner and kids are gearing up to trick-or-treat. With this spook-tacular holiday comes the thrill of dressing up and collecting treats at every door. But for the 6 million children with food allergies, collecting candy is a dangerous risk. Kids affected by allergies must rifle through buckets of candy, searching for treats that they’re able to enjoy. Those with severe allergies can’t even consume candy that so much as touches an allergen.

Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) is encouraging families to participate in a new Halloween tradition: The Teal Pumpkin Project. This national campaign encourages parents to offer non-food treats for children with food allergies. Participants will mark their intent by placing a teal-colored pumpkin in their yard, informing trick-or-treaters they have non-food Halloween handouts.

Stop letting big buckets of Halloween candy haunt your home…Offer trick-or-treaters a safe and healthy treat that lasts… Big Buckets of Monsters and Zombies!

Each Big Bucket comes with 100 assorted spooky action figures- including zombies, gravestones, humans, werewolves, and even Frankenstein! With over a dozen unique sculpts... down to the poses!

Unlike the average figurine, these menacing monsters stand up on their own, and they definitely put the action in action figure. Each collection includes 12 uniquely posed pieces full of personality. The bucket of monsters includes: a freaky Frankenstein, creepy crawly spiders, howling werewolves, a clawed-at tombstone, and a monster with an appetite for arms. The assortment of zombies includes: an on-the-go zombie girl running with her teddy, creepy corpses escaping from the grave, hungry zombies munching on their brain-food, and a human with a hatchet in his head!

Give your guests a lasting treat. Hand out Big Buckets of Monsters and Zombies this Halloween!  
*Big Buckets of Monsters and Zombies are non-edible and are recommended for children ages 4 and up.

Big Buckets of Monsters and Zombies are available for purchase on, and at specialty retailers nationwide. Retail: $19.99

My Thoughts

 Every year our local high hosts a haunted house for the grammar school kids. My kids have been going to this event for more than ten years. This year, my oldest is a freshman, and she'll actually be one of the kids helping to set things set up. One of the awesome things the school does, is to have one hallway that is goodies that are not edible. With so many kids with allergies, I always thought this was a great idea. My daughter was assigned to this area, and when I heard about the Buckets of Zombies and Monsters, I knew they were the perfect choice for her to handout to the kids.

The Buckets of Monsters are huge tubes filled with a hundred different little action figures. These aren't as flimsy as the black and orange spiders you usually get on Halloween. These have tons of detail, and will get lots of use long after Halloween has passed. They are sort of like the little army men, only a lot spookier.  The monsters are black and grey and include such infamous figures as vampires, werewolves, mummies, and so many more. There are even a few gravestones tossed in for good measure.  The zombies are green and they actually glow in the dark!  There are lots of zombies to choose from including girls, boys, and dogs!

My younger kids each got to pick out a few of the monsters to play with and they are having a ball with them.  The rest of the batch will be heading to the Haunted High School where I'm sure they will make a lot of other kids just as happy. With a hundred figures in each tube, there are definitely lots to go around. If you're looking for a fun Halloween handout that is allergy safe and free of sugar, the Big Buckets of Monsters and Zombies are the perfect choice.