Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Table-Time Look and Learn Mostly Math Tablecloth Review

The Table-Time Look & Learn™ Mostly Math Tablecloth features a wide variety of math-related lessons that cover the educational State Standards children must learn to progress from pre-K/K level to first grade. Quirky animal characters and imagery from Rob Oliver, a Simpsons® illustrator and Emmy-nominated artist, make it extra unique.

Made from PEVA, which has the feel of vinyl but contains zero harmful PVCs, the Mostly Math Tablecloth is a trustworthy alternative to traditional materials. PEVA cleans up easily with a damp cloth, and children can even write on/wipe off with Crayola® Ultra-Clean Washable Markers for more interactive fun.

Our Thoughts

This tablecloth has everything on it! I love this, it is an absolute must-have for all families, especially homeschooling mothers like myself!

Shapes, numbers, seasons, time, counting, money, animals, it has everything on here that is basic for every child to learn and it is done in such a fun manner! The name of this tablecloth is almost deceiving because it's not just math, it's so much more. The eye is constantly being dragged from one fun (and educational) activity on this table cloth straight to the next.

The package is small and light weight. Very easy to open and it's large so it'll fit any kind of table. I also had the thought that it would be pretty cool pegged up on a wall, but you would have to move it around so they weren't looking at some of the stuff upside down. It could still work though. It's such a creative table cloth that you can do many things with it.

I really really love how this cloth covers so much more than just basic math and it is done in such a simple manner that it is easy for kids to understand. My six year old is going nuts over this cloth.

I haven't even mentioned yet how much fun she has with coloring on it. You can draw on this and wipe it off and do it all over again! My toddler doesn't understand what is going on, but he sure does get a kick out of coloring on something he's not generally allowed to color on. It involves all the kids together. They sit at the table while I'm making their plates and just browse around the cloth, it seems like they are constantly learning or finding something new on it.

As for wiping off the marker, it really is a simple as getting a wet cloth and wiping it off. Easy peasy! 

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Reviewed by Jackie