Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Justin's new snack packs.

Justin’s, maker of naturally delicious, high-quality nut butters and organic peanut butter cups, today announced the launch of its Snack Pack product line. A new addition to the Justin’s family that comes in three delicious nut butter and pretzel combinations, the Snack Pack delivers the great taste and high-quality ingredients one would expect from the brand at just 200-210 calories per pack.

Throw one in your lunchbox, stash a few at your desk, or just keep them on hand for snacking at home; the Snack Pack line is perfect for dipping, scooping and devouring. One side Justin’s nut butter, one side gluten-free pretzels, this convenient, all-in-one snack is packaged in 100 percent recycled plastic and provides a portable pick-me-up in three tasty varieties: Chocolate Hazelnut Butter and Pretzels; Classic Almond Butter and Pretzels; Maple Almond Butter and Pretzels.

“Snacking on-the-go can often mean sacrificing nutrition for convenience, or sacrificing taste for health. We knew we could put our minds (and our nut butter dipping mechanisms) together to find a better-for-you solution that is fun and exciting,” said Justin Gold, founder of Justin’s. “These Snack Packs pair our popular nut butters with delicious, lightly salted pretzel sticks to create a one-of-a-kind, protein-packed snack that will make your taste buds sing.”

Justin’s all new Snack Packs are a part of the Made to Matter – Handpicked by Target™ product collection, which brings together 31 leading natural, organic and sustainable brands all made with simple, recognizable ingredients. Made to Matter is designed to provide better choices for all and introduces Target’s guests to new products from some of the most innovative wellness brands, including Justin’s.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Target and the other Made to Matter brands to support such a powerful movement for good,” said Gold. “This program truly makes a statement in the wellness space, and the collaboration that we’ve seen as a result is pretty incredible!”

The Snack Pack product line is available exclusively at Target stores nationwide for an SRP of $1.99.

About Justin’s

Justin’s makes naturally delicious, high-quality nut butters and peanut butter cups that deliver great taste, unique texture and convenient nutrition. Established in 2004 in the home kitchen of health enthusiast Justin Gold, Justin’s supports an on-the-go lifestyle and was the first nut butter brand to market nut butters in single-serve squeeze packs. Justin’s peanut butter cups are USDA-certified organic and are made with Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa. The nut butters are finely crafted with Justin’s one-of-a-kind grinding process to create an exceptional texture and flavor experience. All seven varieties offer a fiber-rich source of protein perfect for snacking anytime of the day. For more information, please visit Justin’s at, and

My Thoughts

These didn't last long in my house. They were really good. My favorite was the chocolate with the pretzels. It was one of my favorite afternoon snacks, when I was able to enjoy it without the kids taking it. If you're familiar with Justin's, then you know the taste and quality of this product. It's no different with this. You get the same great taste and product, just in a convenient snack pack to take on the go or drop into a child's lunch box for school.

We tried all three flavors and the chocolate was our favorite, followed by the classic, then the maple. All 3 were yummy and hit the taste buds in a separate way. I found the pretzels to be good quality. They didn't come broken up. They were still whole in the package.

If you're like me, when you get done, you'll need more Justin's because it wasn't enough. This is a great new product, and one I can feel good about feeding my family while it feels like we're indulging. I look forward to enjoying this product more and to see what else this company comes up with.


VickeC said...

i havent had these yet but they look and sound really good

Rebecca Williams said...

Would be great for school lunch

Sue Emery said...

They look like the Nutella to go snack cups that I bought my grandkids. They liked them! So I would definitely buy these for them too!!

Sandra Watts said...

They have such yummy stuff. I could go for one of their peanut butter cups right now.

Isaiahsmom said...

I love chocolate so I would try this. Yummy!

Diana Vuong said...

I like eating the chocolate peanut butter cups.

Sarah Matos said...

Hazelnut butter!? Yum!!

Terry Myers said...

I dream of peanut butter bars

Linda Trinklein said...

These seem tasty!! I have not seen or heard about them, so I am def. glad you wrote this blog post! thank you!

Shannon said...

These sound like a great snack to keep in the house. Thank you for your review.