Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Get cozy with Plum Deluxe organic loose leaf teas

Founded in 2008, their organic loose leaf tea and daily featured articles help readers slow down and connect with themselves and the important moments in their lives. The site is a tribute to the founders mother, who lost a brave 6-year battle with breast cancer but never forgot to enjoy “the little things” in life.

Plum Deluxe has a popular tea of the month club as well as an online shop, all hand blended teas infused with love and positive energy.

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My Thoughts

I really enjoyed this tea. I am a big tea drinker, but new to loose leaf tea. You will need a tea strainer to enjoy these teas. The first one I tried was the Oregon Breakfast Tea Blend. It was unique in flavor. Each morning I drink English breakfast tea to start my day and I was expecting a taste similar to that tea. It was slightly close, but it was much more flavorful. The hazelnut flavor mixed with orange was very evident in the tea and taste. Over all, I really liked this tea and have enjoyed it a few more times. My first batch, I used too much tea, but my second I used roughly a tablespoon and found it much more enjoyable.

The second one I tried was the Garden Grove Green Tea. This one was really good. I'm a mixed fan on green tea usually. I often drink it because it's one of those teas that has a reputation for being good for you, but I can't say I necessarily enjoy it. That changed with the Garden Grove Green Tea. The taste was amazing. It was naturally sweet and the aroma coming form the tea as I sipped it made me feel good. This is a tea I could see myself using as a dessert tea in the evenings, when I'm trying to keep myself out of the cookie jar.

You can tell from the tea that Plum Deluxe puts a lot of pride into their product. The quality of this tea is great, and I really felt like I was getting a great product. If you enjoy tea, check out Plum Deluxe.