Saturday, September 26, 2015

Celebrate the 2015 Halloween Candy Buy Back with Sparx

Halloween is a fun and exciting time for kids, but a destructible and toxic time for their teeth.  As a parent, how do you stop your child from partaking in the joy that is trick-or-treating? With the help of the 11th annual Halloween Candy Buy Back program, in which local dentists “buy” back kids’ Halloween candy in exchange for product packages, cash, or other incentives, Halloween can be enjoyable for kids, parents, and even US troops overseas!  This year, we want to promote a positive dental health message and hope to introduce kids to the great tasting, natural sweetener, xylitol.  While most children enjoy the taste of regular sugar candy, it is neither good for the child’s oral health or body.  Our product packages will be full of goodies including xylitol candy provided by Xlear Inc. which tastes great and is actually beneficial to your child’s health!

Founded in 2005 by Dr. Chris Kammer, the Halloween Candy Buy Back Program began as a way to keep excess Halloween candy “off the streets” and help keep kids’ mouths healthier. This year, the program is moving to be a force for good by teaming up with Xlear Inc., the leading manufacturers of xylitol products, and Tess Oral Health, makers of dental, professional, and oral hygiene products. Together they will partner with dental offices nationwide to reach the goal of sending 100,000 toothbrushes overseas as well collect children’s Halloween candy to give the soldiers a holiday away from home.  This simple act of kindness enables children to exchange their Halloween candy and receive a token in return while showing love and support to our men and women fighting for our country every day. 

My Thoughts 

Xlear is  the leading manufacturer of products made with Xylitol, an all natural way to prevent tooth decay.   Xylitol is a white crystalline substance that looks and tastes like sugar, and is now being used in a variety of products to help promote good oral health.  From candy to toothpaste, this amazing discovery is changing the way we think about oral hygiene.  

 SparX are tasty candies that are made with Xylitol. They come in three fantastic flavors including citrus, berry, and fruit. Each one is a sweet treat kids of all ages can enjoy. You can suck them or crunch them. Enjoy them one at a a time or by the handful. The fun tubes make them a great snack for on the go. They'd also be a a nice treat for Halloween. Right now, you can
get 30 trick-or-treat sized bags of xylitol candy in three great flavors: Natural Fruit, Natural Berry, and Natural Citrus. These naturally-flavored candy “dots” are loved by kids and parents alike, and are available for a limited time at

The products from Xlear are fun, functional, taste great, and best of all, they can help prevent cavities. If you'd like to learn more about Xclear and all the products they offer, head over to their website. 


VickeC said...

my grandkids would love these

Maryann D. said...

I want to try SparX candy. I do love Xlear products and have used them. I do try to purchase products with Xylitol in them.
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