Saturday, September 26, 2015

West Bend's Popcorn Maker Review

West Bendthe legacy kitchen electrics brand that has been delivering quality solutions for every corner of the kitchen since 1911, is at the forefront of the homemade popcorn trend. With countertop popcorn poppers for every price point and serving size, West Bend is the leading company bringing this superfood to home consumers without the fatty and chemical-laden additives of microwave popcorn brands.

  • No oil required! Pops up to 3.5 quarts of healthy and delicious popcorn.
  • Popcorn pops using hot air in 3 minutes for a super speedy snack.
  • Includes measuring cup that can portion single or family-size serving and doubles as a convenient butter melter.
  • Popper base is slim and can fit in any spot on your countertop, rec room, or studio.
  • Quick, clean, and easy. Popcorn on demand!
  • 1400 watts

  • Our Thoughts

    My husband and kids are obsessed with popcorn. We do big movie nights and it is never complete without popcorn for them so this was great to get. I am not a fan of microwave popcorn for multiple reasons. One being that microwaves aren't very healthy for reheating or cooking food. The second reason is that there are a ton of chemicals in microwave popcorn! Lastly, you can't trust the source of where your popcorn is coming from. We like to buy our own kernels to make sure it's as healthy as can be, salt it ourselves and butter it ourselves.

    It came in a nice compact box, as you can see. A big bowl fits perfectly underneath the spout and only a little bit of kernels go a long way. The air that blows out IS hot so do not put your face near it or let you kids hover over it (like I am constantly reminding mine not to do!) so they don't get a facial burn. I love the little butter lid that goes on top. It fits perfectly and melts even the thicker butters. The brand I buy is not very spreadable and pretty hard because it's an organic grass-fed butter but the Air Crazy popcorn maker melts it just fine.

    Super easy cleanup and it makes for nice, healthy popcorn in a pinch for our movie nights! For even bigger batches, it only takes a few minutes each time so you could make a ton if you had a party going on. Works well and I love it!

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    Reviewed by Jackie