Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Squatchi - Shoe Sizing Made Easy At Home!

Does the thought of back to school shoe shopping with your kiddos get you down? Now shop from home and know that the shoes will fit, thanks to Squatchi!

Back to school is a busy time of year for parents and kids! With all the preparations like school registration, schedules and carpool arrangements all while finishing up summer-scheduled activities, when can you fit in school shoe shopping? Most kids really dislike shoe shopping, so not only do you have to find a couple hours to hit the mall, but you are probably going to be doing it with a less than enthusiastic shopper. What if you could avoid the mall altogether and order shoes online that are sure to fit? Thanks to the amazing home shoe-sizing tool, Squatchi, you can!

Squatchi is a home shoe-sizing tool that works just as well as the professional shoe-sizers found in retail shoe stores! Just place your child’s foot at the curved end at the back and get their perfect size! Squatchi is available in fun colors, so measuring your kid’s shoe size will feel more like a game to your little one, and less like a doctor visit with the cold metal and sterile looking design of the shoe-sizers found in the shoe stores.
The added bonus of Squatchi is that you can keep track of your child’s foot measurements year after year, making it a keepsake item that kids and parents will love looking at from one year to the next. When it’s time to get shopping for shoes this summer in preparation for back to school, don’t stress, just get a Squatchi!

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My Thoughts

The squatchi has been a wonderful addition to my household. My children have been growing like crazy lately--and their feet! Having this has been  wonderful because I can keep up with the size of their feet and be able to shop at the store without them. My kids hate shopping, so if I can eliminate taking them to try shoes on, then that's a plus.

This is also great to have if you're shopping online for shoes. No more guess, just have your child place their foot into the squatchi and you can take advantage of those online only sales.

The Squatchi is a hard plastic. You can write on it with a sharpie or dry erase marker to mark precisely where the toes are for your child. You can then take it to the store with you and measure against a professional one. I didn't do this, but I did measure at home and at a shoe store, and I found no difference between the two.

A great investment to have as your child grows up. It goes through size 5 which should last well into elementary school.