Monday, August 17, 2015

Snag Great Deals in Exchange for Reviews at Snagshout!

Snagshout, a new social deals website, launches this week to provide a unique shopping experience to consumers by offering deep discounts on a wide range of retail products for purchase, use and review. The site connects shoppers looking for deals with merchants looking to gain traction with new items on Amazon.

According to a Nielsen study, 92% of consumers trust peer reviews and word of mouth over any other type of advertising. Snagshout leverages this belief by offering deeply discounted products in exchange for an honest review, creating a community of spokespeople around the products. Shoppers are able to purchase one product at a time and must leave an honest review within two weeks of purchase before they can “snag” another deal.

Most products are offered at a 30-90% discount with some available at no cost to shoppers. To purchase an item listed on Snagshout, consumers are given a discount code to purchase the product directly from the brand’s Amazon listing. In addition to getting a great deal, Snagshout users who are also Amazon Prime members can get many products shipped for free.

Snagshout’s site is organized into 9 categories to help make discovering deals even easier. Categories with discounted products for purchase and review include:
  • Beauty and Health
  • Clothing, Shoes and Jewelry
  • Electronics and Computers
  • Grocery
  • Home, Garden and Tools
  • Kids and Baby
  • Media
  • Sports and Outdoors
  • Toys
Products purchased on the site generate conversions and reviews for online merchants. Increased sales and quality reviews help get products ranked higher in search results on Amazon. The site provides marketing and search engine optimization tools for online merchants. Snagshout has a built-in automated review dashboard to help merchants view their products’ conversions and reviews.

Snagshout is a new social deals website that provides a unique shopping experience to consumers by offering deep discounts on a wide range of retail products for purchase, use and review. Snagshout serves as a product discovery platform for shoppers where they can receive deep discounts on items in exchange for writing an honest review of the item. Snagshout relies on the idea that consumers trust the reviews of their peers more than any type of marketing. To learn more about Snagshout visit:

 My Thoughts

Do you love ordering on amazon? Do you enjoy leaving reviews for the products you buy? Then Snagshout might be the perfect place for you to shop. Snagshout is a website that offers significant discounts on a wide range of products. Snag deals up to 90% off regular retails prices on products you wanted to buy anyway. What's the catch? There really isn't one. You simply need to leave a short review on amazon for the items you order. That's all!

I was gifted $10 Amazon gift card in order to test out Snagshout, and it was a great experience from start to finish. Their site is easy to navigate. You can search by category for many items including beauty products, toys, fashion, clothing, electronics, and more.  I picked out the Discover with Dr. Cool Break Open 2 Jumbo Geodes! Science Kit. This is normally $16.82, but I was given a code that lowered the price to around $6.  Checking out with the code was simple,  but keep in mind that for most items, you will need a prime account or shipping costs will apply.

My children and I really loved the Discover with Dr. Cool Break Open 2 Jumbo Geodes! Science Kit. It came with two huge geodes as well as instructions on how to break them open. I do wish it had come with the tools we needed, but we made due with that we had on hand. 

 You are supposed to use a chisel and hammer. I used a screwdriver since I didn't have a chisel. Perhaps this is the reason why we didn't get two perfect halves, but I was still happy with the results. Both the geodes we broke open had lots of crystals inside, and were very sparkly. Of course, you never what you'll find inside your geode, but that is half the fun of breaking them open. This kit is a great way to get kids excited about science.

 Of course this is only one of the amazing deals you can find at Snagshout. Here are a few more items on my wish list.

Frozen Deluxe Art Kit - only $19.99- regular price $49.99 

American Flag Scarf - Only $3 - Regular Price $14.99

Puma Toddler Jacket - Only $35 - Regular Price -$80

If you'd like to learn more about Snagshout and all they have to offer, please visit their website. You'll be amazed at the great deals you can find, all for taking three minutes to write a review!


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This is nice would love to join

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very interesting,,i think i would love this

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I'm not shy about giving my opinions on things so this might be a good site for me. I do have Amazon Prime.