Monday, August 17, 2015

Fresh Wave - Natural Odor Eliminators #HappyHealthyOdorFree

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Fresh Wave natural odor eliminators use the power of nature and molecular science to get rid of organic and inorganic odors. Basically, our products are environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, and they really work!

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My Thoughts

I was very impressed with the Fresh Wave products. I used the Fresh Wave odor removing gel in my down stairs bathroom where I keep the kitty litter box. It's a small room, so often times it's kinda stinky. So I felt this would be the perfect room for this product. I have noticed a fresher scent in the bathroom and have been pleased with how long the gel as lasted and kept its fragrance. In the past, products like this might work for only a week, but so far this one has been going strong for several weeks. It's meant to last for 60 days.

Another of the new products is the Fresh Wave odor eliminating spray. I was very impressed with this one. It worked very well. I tested this also in the small bathroom downstairs and the odor was eliminated right away, not returning. This has now become my go-to when I want to freshen up the living room or the curtains around the front door. It has a nice light fragrance. I can't quite pin point what the smell is, but it's pleasant.

And finally, there is the odor removing packs, meant to be placed somewhere to keep the area fresh. Such as your underwear drawer. This also has the same fragerance as the others. A nice light smell that isn't too overpowering.

I really liked these products and I will be continuing to use them in my home, especially with them being GMO free and organic.