Saturday, August 1, 2015

Erasing Autism:: The Spectrum Balance Protocol

Product was received for free in exchange for an honest review.

At last! The long awaited “how to” book explaining The Spectrum Balance® Protocol; the diet that has been used so effectively on Autism and many other ASDs since 2005. Available free of charge from The NoHarm Foundation since 2009, this Protocol has been downloaded by families over 10,000 times and in over 70 countries. This is the whole picture. In an easy to understand fashion, this book will explain the science behind what causes many ASDs, how to execute the diet most effectively, the foods used in the diet itself, and 26 true case studies written in a realistic and compelling style that will both enlighten and entertain. Truly, only truth is stranger than fiction!

My thoughts:

Dr. Young is a genuine, caring Doctor.  Her book is loaded with information and research she has done on children with Autism.  She offers hope to parents and anyone who has family and friends that have children with Autism.   

I always knew that diet and nutrition can affect anyone, not just Autism.  But it was quite interesting reading Dr. Young's chronologies.  I do in fact have a dear friend who has an Autistic son, and she is always looking and reading anything that offers information on ways to help her son.  Her son also has severe sensory issues when it come to foods, and will not eat anything but Carbs.  I lent her this book, and she is taking baby steps on now trying hard to change his diet, in hopes to help his symptoms from Autism. She has hope now as she is reading this book.  

Even if this book helps six out of ten families, that is a great accomplishment, and the word of this book will be spread to others in hopes to help more.