Saturday, August 1, 2015

Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Knitting

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Are you looking for the perfect guide to teach your child to knit? Look no further! Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Knitting starts with the absolute basics about knitting, beginning with a discussion about needles and yarn, how to cast stitches onto the needle, then gradually introduces skills and techniques until kids are knitting confidently.
Mary Scott Huff, author of Fun and Fantastical Hats to Knit and Fun and Fantastical Slippers to Knit,will guide you and your children through projects. With over 200 photos and clear, concise instructions in language easily understood by grade-school kids, you're going to be creating crafty knit projects with your child in no time!
Each project lists the knitting skills that will be exercised in making it and projects are rated for difficulty, so kids can learn and grow as they develop dexterity and coordination. Your children will learn to knit by making simple projects and building skills by practicing the essentials, and this book provides a sound foundation for a lifetime of knitting enjoyment.

My thoughts:

I have never knitted before and always wanted to learn, and through this book my eleven year old daughter and myself had fun learning how to knit.  

In this book, there are instructions with a color page of showing step by step on how to start.  In the of this book there is a section Tools and Resources.  It shows in picture detail and lists supplies needed along with the main supplies, knitting needles and yarn. Everything you need to know and learn as a beginner is in this book.

It is gonna take a lot of practice, but my daughter and I are really having fun learning to knit.  We are working on making wash clothes as our first project, and plan to do others of the many knitting projects in this book.