Thursday, July 2, 2015

Tug and the Tooth by Heidi Whitaker

Just like starting school, losing a first tooth is one of the most significant milestones in a young child’s life.  Kids love to share stories with classmates and teachers about how they lost their tooth and what the Tooth Fairy brought them.  Parents often struggle, though, with how to answer curious kiddo’s questions and how to create a new family tradition about the Tooth Fairy.

 Tug and the Tooth makes it easy! This adorable gift set is a new Tooth Fairy tradition that makes losing baby teeth a special and memorable experience. The set includes Tug, a lovable plush tooth-shaped character, who has a backpack to hold a child’s lost tooth and a beautifully illustrated story about a little girl's first loose tooth. Tug and the Tooth is a special keepsake for children losing their baby teeth that makes a great  back-to-school gift for kiddos anxiously awaiting their first “wiggly” tooth. MSRP: $29.95  
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My Thoughts

When a child looses their first tooth, it can be a little scary. Tug and the Tooth is the perfect way to prepare your child for their first visit from the tooth fairy. This adorable set comes with a illustrated book and a tooth pillow that doubles as a fun plush toy.

The story of Tug is beautifully illustrated and will help children get excited about loosing a tooth. It's about a little girl named Liza whose scared of losing her tooth. Her father gives her Tug, and at night he comes to life and takes her to visit the tooth fairy's castle. Along the way they meet a cow, a bear and some beavers who all tell her stories about losing their own teeth. Once they reach the castle, Liza is no longer afraid of losing her tooth. In fact, she's excited about getting a special gift.

Having the Tug plush to go along with the story makes it even more fun. He is very well made with tight stitches and lots of detail. He has a little back pack that allows kids to keep their tooth safe when it falls out .  My children loved the story of Tug and now they are really excited about having a loose tooth.


Heidi Whitaker said...

Wow, I'm flattered by your review, thank you! I'd love to offer the great readers of New Age Mama a 15% coupon code. Use "newagemama" at checkout and receive the discount. Cheers! Heidi