Monday, July 13, 2015

Little Dino Lovers Get In on the Jurassic World Craze!


Prehistoric playthings and delicious dino-treats to help prehistoric preschoolers dig into this summer’s hottest trend.
After more than $1BILLION in worldwide box office sales for Jurassic Park, the world is waiting with bated breath for the blockbuster sequel, Jurassic World, to roar into theaters this summer! And you can bring the biggest hit of the summer home with these adorable dinosaur-themed toys, games, and treats. 

 Whip up a batch of Triassic-era treats with HABA’s Chocolate Lollipop Dino Molds! Makeable in minutes, the set includes child-safe recipes for family fun in the kitchen. MSRP $11.99.

  Roar at the shore with the Dino Sand Gloves perfect for sand play at the beach, lake, or park. Simply slide a hand into the kid-sized glove and dig in or bury the dino for prehistoric preschool excavations! MSRP $14.99. Ages 3+.

My Thoughts

These two toys are tons of fun for anyone who loves  dinosaurs.  My son adored the sand gloves. They are great at the beach or just to play pretend. The glove slips right over your hand and works like a shovel. It does an awesome job when you're trying to reach the water at the beach, but it's also fun to play with in sandboxes.

The Lollipop Molds were even better. They come with everything you need to make yummy dinosaur shaped pops, including the sticks. We melted down some chocolate and made our own pops and they came out great. The silicone material makes them easy to pop out of the mold.

For even more fun, try making some crayons with your molds. Simply gather up your broken crayons, remove the paper, and cut them into tiny pieces. Stick them in the microwave for about five minutes and you've re-purposed your crayons into some really cool dinosaur shapes. These worked even better than the chocolate in the dinosaur molds and my kids just loved them.