Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Increase your libido naturally with Macabido

Low libido affects millions of women worldwide, and is a potential multi-billion dollar market for the big drug companies. The problem is that the complexity of the female libido has made it virtually impossible to create a pharmaceutical drug that effectively addresses all of its facets, which tend to be psychological as well as physical. Today, female sexuality and libido is in the spotlight once again: the Food and Drug Administration’s panel of advisors’ have recently recommended that the FDA approve a new drug aimed at addressing low libido in women, despite the drug’s risks. This potential new drug has already been rejected twice before due to past panels’ concerns about its safety and effectiveness. Because herbal remedies work on multiple levels in the body, women’s libido has been much less difficult to address on a natural level
Let me tell you a little bit about our product.

Macabido® is the first male- and female-specific natural formula proven to successfully increase pleasure, desire-related performance and overall energy in both men and women. A woman’s sexuality and libido is much more complicated than a man’s. Even though 44% of women suffer from low libido, there has not been a “one size fits all” solution… until now. Macabido® Women’s Formula is specially tailored to a woman’s sexual needs, with ingredients that help maintain feelings of desire and sexual pleasure naturally, while soothing stress and supporting healthy energy levels.

In a product study led by German doctor, Dr. Jan-Dirk Fauteck MD, 92% of participants reported a significant improvement in libido, as well as an increase in overall energy levels and feelings of wellbeing when taking Macabido® as compared to a control group and maca group. 

For more information about the study, click here.

Macabido® is the #1 selling libido enhancer in Europe since 2003, endorsed by thousands of doctors and trusted by thousands of customers. Macabido® is now available to U.S. consumers in selected retail outlets nationwide and online.

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My Thoughts

I suffer from low libido. It's not something I like to talk about, but after two kids, the stresses of life, and the type of birth control I am on, sex is the last thing on my mind to do. I hear the complaint all the time that I never want sex, so I was excited to try this. Maybe this could help and finally get me wanting to get down and dirty again.

I've been taking this for almost a month. I've taken it just about daily. I wasn't sure if it was a supplement to take all the time or one you take only when you want to get in the mood. Since the instructions weren't super clear, only to take twice a day with a meal, I followed that, trying to remember each day when I took my multi-vitamin.

Sadly, I didn't feel increased energy or even a spike in my libido as I had hoped. I felt no change in me what so ever by taking this supplement. Not sure if it's because my libido is so low, or what the issue was.

The supplements seems to be packed full of good nutrients, so hopefully my body got something good from taking this.