Saturday, July 11, 2015

Fun on the Road with HABA’s Doll Shona

Traveling is better with a buddy! HABA’s Doll Shona includes an adorable 8” plush doll and her furnished travel playset, which doubles as a carry case, complete with handle, for pretend-play fun anytime, anywhere. MSRP $44.99. Ages birth +. Available at

My Thoughts

The Doll Shona by Haba is the perfect toy to take on road trips. Shona is an adorable rag doll with red hair in pigtails. She comes with two different dresses, and has cloth eyes so there are no choking hazards, making it a great choice for little girls of all ages. The doll is very well made with lots of detail and no loose stitches. 

What makes Shona really cool is that she comes with her own carry case. When you open up the case, it's like Shona's own personal bedroom. There is a closet to store her clothes, a dresser, and the bottom likes like a field for her to play with. When you're not using Shona, the carry case is the perfect place to store her so she never gets lost.  The case even has a spot for girls to write in their names so everyone knows just who the suitcase belongs to. There's also plenty of room inside the box if they want to add a few more toys.

My daughter adores this toy, but I do have one little quibble. The suitcase, which is made from cardboard, started to fall apart  after only one day of use.  The top of the case was peeling up and the side tore a little. This was easily repaired with tape, but given the price tag of this toy, I found this a little disappointing.  Overall though, it's a fun toy, especially for road trips and certainly encourages imaginative play.