Thursday, July 9, 2015

Cascade Ice - Sparkling Calorie Free Lemonade

What is summer without an ice-cold glass of lemonade? Most people don’t realize that lemonade can contain upwards of 30g of sugar per glass. Cascade Ice sparkling waters have 3 lemonade flavors that are free of calories, sugar and sodium – so go ahead and enjoy as many glasses as you’d like of your fave summer drink.

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My Thoughts
These were really good. I was sent a wide range of flavors to try. Each flavor was very tasty but I think the orange mango was my favorite. If you like carbonation in your drinks but are avoiding sodas, these are a good pick. Makes you feel like you're having a treat without the calories or bad stuff in it.

My kids were a big fan of these drinks as well. They've had a brand similar to these, but I don't think they were as clean as Cascade Ice. These are caffeine free, sodium free, calorie free, and gluten free. And the company has over 31 different drinks to choose from, so you're sure to find one you like.

I didn't feel like the drinks left a bad after taste. I did like the flavor of most of them, but they aren't going to taste like juice and getting used to a sparkling drink might take a few sips, but then it comes more enjoyable and good.

Over all, I really liked these drinks and will pick them up for my family again so when we want something other than plain water to drink, we have another option.