Monday, June 29, 2015

SmartFeed: Serving Up Better Media for Kids

All parents know the horror and outrage when they see their small child watching a sexually-explicit movie, playing a hyper-violent video game, emailing a complete stranger or viewing inappropriate content on Netflix. Let’s face it, the digital world can be dangerous for little ones. Parents can put an end to that worry once and for all with SmartFeed: The Digital Media Management Tool for Parents, which provides parents better control over what their kids watch, play and share.

In the past, the default for many parents was to limit screen time. SmartFeed goes way beyond that by filtering out the bad media content and instead drives the inspiring, positive and engaging content. SmartFeed has three key components that enable parents to curate media options based on detailed preference settings: enable convenient push delivery to family devices, manage what kids are consuming, and finally connect to other like-minded families to share media recommendations including apps, games and movies.
SmartFeed is currently on Kickstarter to raise capital to build out the technology framework for Version 1.0, which will be delivered in Fall 2015.  There are 13 days remaining in the campaign and it’s more than 65% funded.

We would appreciate your support and sharing this important campaign with your family and friends!   SmartFeed – Elevate the caliber of digital media YOUR kids watch, play and share!