Monday, June 22, 2015

Munch on Meat Chips

For road trips, beach days, or to and from soccer games- it’s pretty much a given you will need snacks on-hand. Sure, apple slices and granola bars are great, but sometimes we just want the salty crunch of a chip. Now there’s a new high-protein chip revolutionizing the way we snack smart that’s perfect for the entire family.

Meat Chips is a first of its kind crunchy flavored snack chip (think like Doritos- but with none of the junk chemicals you don’t want your family eating) packed full of a whopping 21 grams of chicken protein.  Meat Chips is a seasoned gluten-free tortilla chip made with real white chicken meat, ground corn, natural seasonings and that’s it. They are currently available in four different flavors: nacho, salsa, pepper, and ranch. With 21 grams of protein per snack size grab bag, they pack a protein punch with a crunch. Find out more information at

My Thoughts

It's summer and that means cookout time and no cookout or barbecue is a complete without chips and dip. You need a tasty chip to keep everyone happy. Look no further than Meat Chips. They offer a wide range of flavors that are packed with the protein you need to live an active lifestyle.  You still get all the great taste you crave, but you also get 21 grams on chicken protein.  The different varieties available include:


Beanfields  brings you a fun way to eat healthier without giving up the things you love. They offer a variety of Tortilla chips that are free from GMOs and gluten. Each bag is made using wholesome ingredients
that compliment muscle growth and sustainability.  The bags are available in both full size and snack size.

We got to try out all these chips, and we loved them!  Each of the chips are packed with tons of flavor. They don't taste like cardboard. You don't even need to add salsa or condiments. They are tasty all on their own. The chips are crispy and delicious.

If you'd like to learn more about Meat Chips and all the delicious varieties they offer or to find a location near you that sells them, visit their website.   To keep up with new products and promotions, follow them on their social media.When it comes to snacking these chips are just way better.

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