Thursday, June 25, 2015

FUTURO™ Graduated Compression Legwear and the FUTURO™ STAND STRONG Sweepstakes

The older I get, the harder it is to stand up on my feet all day. I'm sure most people feel the same way. Whether you're working behind the counter, doing a lot of traveling, or bustling around in a busy restaurant, you need the right legwear to help you stand strong and make it through the day. FUTURO™ Graduated Compression Legwear could be just what you're looking for. FUTURO™ Graduated Compression Legwear combines compression therapy technology with style and comfort. The result is legwear that helps reduce swelling and improve circulation, which helps you stay energized all day!

I was able to try out several pairs of the FUTURO™ Graduated Compression Legwear including the FUTURO™ Energizing Trouser Socks for Women and the FUTURO™ Energizing Ultra Sheer Knee Highs for Women. They look like regular socks or stockings, but you'll feel a world of difference as soon as you slip them onto your feet. They glide on so easily, and feel silky and smooth against your skin. When you're walking, it’s like they massage your legs and feet, while also offering support. They work great with any type of shoes and are stylish as well as functional. I have no idea how I managed before I found them. 

FUTURO™ Graduated Compression Legwear is available in the pharmacy section of major retailers nationwide, including CVS Pharmacy. Choose from a variety of styles and colors that will suit anyone's style. They have tons of choices for both men and women.


Not only can FUTURO™ Graduated Compression Legwear  make your day a lot more comfortable, they're also giving you the chance to win tons of great prizes in the FUTURO™ Stand Strong Sweepstakes. Now through 7/27/15, you have the chance to win tons of amazing prizes. The grand prize winner can choose between one of three fabulous vacations including a stay at the spa, a trip to Disney, or a romantic getaway for two!  Two runners-up will each receive a gift card.  Finally, the first 1,000 people to register are going to get a free pair of FUTURO™ Revitalizing Socks! For full details, including rules and regulations, visit

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the website to enter the sweepstakes now and take a stand against achy legs.  While you're there, check for a location near you that sells FUTURO™ Graduated Compression Legwear.


VickeC said...

my daughter in law is a professional and on her feet in court all day so these would be great for her

OlmsteadKat said...

These would be great since I wear heels a lot. Just put these on when I come home and ahhh!

alissa apel said...

Those are great for people that have to dress up all the time.