Sunday, June 21, 2015

Fight Mosquitoes--Get Thermacell!

With the wet winter, mosquitoes are everywhere and Thermacell is the answer. Using patented technology, these lanterns and repellers are almost 98% effective at keeping biting pests at bay.

Moms really don’t want to douse their kids in DEET so they can enjoy the outdoors but the fear of mosquito borne illnesses in real.  Now there is a better way to enjoy your patio and yard without worrying about biting pests and getting big red, itchy welts.  Change the way you keep bugs at bay by simply turning on Thermacell Backyard Torches, Lanterns and Repellers!  They are an attractive, discreet, odorless and silent solution, clearing a 15x15ft area in literally minutes.  Visit to see the entire product collection.   The experts predict a buggy summer after such a wet winter. See is believing, request a sample and see for yourself.

How Thermacell works?
·         We use a copy of the natural repellent found in chrysanthemums to create a 15x15 ft zone of protection in just minutes.
·         Thermacell products use butane to heat a repellent pad to evenly and effectively vaporize a repellent in the air that biting bugs really HATE!  It does not kill insects, just repels them.
·         The products are EPA approved and have been tested by the U.S. Army in Turkey and Costs Rica for effectiveness against mosquitoes and in Maine against black flies. 
·         The U.S. Department of Defense has used Thermacell for over a decade to keep sand flies and other pests at bay.

Our Thoughts
We spend a lot of time at our cabin, and the bugs can be awful!  Some years aren't as bad, but this summer was particularly bad.  At one boat landing, the air was absolutely thick with bugs - to set foot outside the vehicle was to put a big flashing neon sign for the bugs that said "EAT HERE!" 
Now, I refuse to coat myself and my child in DEET; I prefer natural solutions.  Some work well, some don't.  I don't know if their effectiveness depends on the year or the bugs or what.  ThermaCELL uses allethrin, which is a synthetic copy of the natural repellent found in chrysanthemum flowers, so I was more than happy to give one of their lanterns a test run!
So, this last trip . . . we get to the cabin and what happens? NO bugs!  The weather had cooled and even at that same boat landing where the bugs had been so awful earlier in the year . . . hardly a single bug to be found.  We still found a great way to test the lantern out, though!  The mosquitoes come out at twilight, when we're ready to hit the hay.  One night, my husband commented on how bad the bugs were that night, so we turned on the lantern out in our screened in porch.  The house lights were attracting the mosquitoes and we could see tons of them on the window screens.  Within a few minutes of turning on the lantern, most of the bugs had vacated the area! 
I'm really glad to have one of these lanterns for use up at our cabin!  The lanterns are quite nice-looking, and would make for lovely ambient lighting at any outdoor event while keeping the bugs at bay.  Big thumbs up from me!
Visit online at ThermaCELL, on Facebook, and on Twitter.  ThermaCELL products can be purchased online and at mass merchants, hardware stores, and outdoor and sporting goods stores.