Thursday, June 4, 2015

Father's Day Review: Discovery Channel Store T-Shirts

With Father's Day fast approaching, people are looking to find gifts for the special men in their lives. Since my husband is a huge fan of the show Deadliest Catch, I jumped at the chance to review one of their T-Shirts. 

As you can see, someone was thrilled with the shirt. I have to admit, I really like it myself! I love the coloring and the way the name has a nice textured look to it. The color is pretty nice as well. It's made with 100% cotton, which he thought was great because the material was a lot cooler than shirts made from other materials. It fit great, and he found it to be really comfortable as well. 

I like to put the products to the test and he happens to be a little hard on clothing, so I had him wear it a bunch of times so we could see how the shirt held up. I was happy to see that the shirt has held up nicely and when we tested it in the wash, it kept the coloring and design. Overall, a great and attractive piece that I would definitely recommend to fans. 

If the person you're buying for isn't a fan of the show, Discovery has a variety of other shirts so you should be able to find a perfect gift. Here's a few of the different options available...

To see the full line of shirts available, check out the Discovery Channel Store. The site includes a handy chart that will help people determine the ideal size to order. To learn more about Discovery, their shows, and products, visit them on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus