Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Using Tablet Holders For Increased Productivity & Tablet Holder #Giveaway

Tablet holders increase productivity by bringing your tablet into your lap with a keyboard or to a comfortable reading position. Every tablet holder you choose must help you work without your laptop, and you may forgo your laptop in the future. Your tablet may become your primary work device, and you will wrap it up in a small tablet holder for travel.

#1: A Simple Folio

tablet holder is a simple folio that folds shut when you are not working. The tablet is held on one side of the folio, and the other side of the folio will hold your keyboard. You do not need a keyboard if you use your tablet for reading, but you must have a keyboard if you plan on working from your tablet as if it were a laptop.

#2: Travel Options

Purchase a
ipad car mount that will carry more than the tablet. Find something that will carry a few business cards, possibly hold your credit cards and will hold paperwork you will use while working. You want to cut down on the many things you carry with you when you are working, and you will feel free from the large travel bag that you once used to get your work done.

#3: Match Your Tablet

You cannot purchase a tablet holder at random. The holder must match the model of your tablet. There are small clips inside most tablet holders that lock your tablet in place. Your tablet must fit perfectly into these clips, and you should ensure the tablet fits before using the tablet holder every day. 

#4: Secure Closing

A tablet holder must close securely when you wrap it up for the day. You are free to carry the tablet in one hand as you stride home from work, but a loose tablet holder could potentially drop and damage your tablet. You must find a tablet holder that locks shut when you are finished working, and you may prefer a tablet holder that can be locked. 

#5: Colors

Get a
tablet stand that suits your needs and personality. A black tablet holder looks professional and clean. A dark brown tablet holder will look rustic and sophisticated, or you may choose a tablet holder in a complementary color to your tablet. Let your tablet holder say something about your personality. A beautiful tablet holder will precede you when you walk in the room.

#6: Propping Up The Tablet

Reading or working on the tablet requires the tablet holder to stand up straight. You must choose a tablet holder that will prop up the tablet as you type on your keyboard, and you may set the tablet on a table for easy reading. The tablet holder must be stiff enough to support the tablet, and the holder should be secure enough to stand for hours.

Choosing the best tablet holder for your needs depends entirely on how you plan to use the tablet. You may replace your laptop with a tablet that is very small, but you must have a carrying case that will go wherever you want.

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The Giveaway

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