Thursday, May 7, 2015

Keep Skin Taut with Facial Smoothies

Train your skin to stay in your 30s with Facial Smoothies® Wrinkle Removal Strips. Facial Smoothies® are transparent adhesives shaped for the wrinkle-prone areas of your face, and they are sure to leave your skin looking baby smooth and line-free.

Smoothies® hypo-allergenic strips take control of your skin’s contour. It’s a lot like how an iron removes wrinkles, by actively flattening the material, and holding it that way to train it back to its original smooth shape. (Without the heat, of course.) Just smooth a wrinkle with your fingers, and let Smoothies® strips hold and train your skin back to its natural, unlined state.

Only actual manipulation of your skin can smooth the deep crevices caused by expressions, so Smoothies® are the perfect complement to your creams and serums, which moisturize and plump skin, but really affect only the finest lines. If you’ve used other wrinkle remover patches, you know there’s a vast difference between brands. In addition to being the most attractive because they’re transparent, Smoothies® offer a variety of shapes and sizes to fit all the wrinkle prone areas of your face. So, you can wear a smaller, less noticeable strip if you don’t need a large one.

Smoothies® work faster and are more effective than other products because they adhere better; the water and silicone based adhesives used by competitors just don’t adhere as well. What makes this type of wrinkle treatment effective is the repositioning, retraining action of the strips holding your skin in a smoothed position. Smoothies® hypoallergenic adhesive strips stay where you put them through the night, even through multiple uses. 

With 120 strips in each box for $15.95, Smoothies® have the lowest cost per strip of any adhesives. Smoothies are reusable, too. Just stick them on the edge of your medicine cabinet shelves, or back on the sheets. Most find if they apply Smoothies® to clean, dry skin, they can use them as many as 3 times.

Don’t expect creams and moisturizers to do things they just can’t do. Give your skin the TLC that it deserves and add Facial Smoothies® Wrinkle Removal Strips to your skin care routine!
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My Thoughts

 The Facial Smoothies are definitely a unique product. They are a set of adhesive strips that come in a variety of sizes and shapes that are designed to smooth out wrinkles. You simply stick them on your skin and they smooth out your wrinkles without any chemicals or creams. Sounds like a great concept, and I was curious to give it a try.

I am still in my thirties. I have a few wrinkles, but they aren't that bad yet. The one that is the most noticeable in a line across my forehead, so that is where I really wanted to try it.  I used the forehead adhesive several times, leaving it on a good 12 hours at a time. Unfortunately, I didn't get the results I was hoping for. In fact, the wrinkle on my forehead actually looked wider after using it, as though holding it in place stretched it out more.  Luckily when I stopped using them, it did go back to normal. Around the eyes (the corners not underneath), where the wrinkles weren't as pronounced, I had better luck. There the lines seemed to diminish after a few uses, and the area around my eyes does look younger.  These are really the only two areas I can accurately test at this time. Perhaps someone a little older would see more results. My hope is that with continued use, I won't develop as many wrinkles.

As far as comfort, I barely noticed when I had them on, and after a few hours, I forgot about them completely. The instructions state you can use them more than once, but I found that after one use, they weren't really sticky anymore. Overall, not a bad product and I'm looking forward to seeing better results with long-term use. Getting over 120 strips definitely makes them a good value for the money.