Thursday, May 7, 2015

H2OGO! Triple water slide!

New H2OGO! Backyard Water Slides Usher In A New
Era In Summertime Speed-Infused Fun
Designed To Get Kids Off The Couch And Eliminate The Belly Flop
“Ouch”, Bestway’s Innovative H2OGO! Backyard Water Slides Put The
Focus Back On Fun

Launching a new era in soakin’ good backyard fun, Bestway, Inc. is making a huge splash this summer with the unveiling of its new line of wet and wild H2OGO! backyard water slides.
Designed to take the “ouch” out of backyard water slides, the innovative H2OGO! slides are the
world’s first line of water slides to feature the patent-pending Speed Ramp™, a tough, inflatable
launch pad that creates a smooth, big splash belly-flop landing while propelling riders head first into a superfast ride down the 18-foot slide. The addition of a Splash Lagoon beneath the Speed Ramp
creates a drenching good takeoff, and funnels water throughout the entire slide, reducing friction and
increasing speeds as riders skim their way through a gushing cascade towards the final deluge in the
drench pool.

Easy to set up in just minutes, the H2OGO! water slides come in a single, double and triple model,
adding a new level of interactive outdoor fun by allowing kids to compete against their friends for the
title of neighborhood champion, while keeping cool all summer long.


“The H2OGO! line of slides are designed to get back to the basics of what an outdoor water slide is
supposed to be about: the fastest, wettest and most fun way to keep cool all summer long,” says
Andrea McCoy, Marketing Manager, Bestway USA, Inc. “For years, backyard water slides have been
a staple of outdoor fun, but innovation has led to increasingly complex designs and gimmicks that only serve to raise prices and do nothing to increase the slides performance. The H2OGO! line of water slides is focused on putting the fun back into water slides with a dose of much needed innovation that results in a faster, safer and more exciting sliding experience.”

With over 20 years of success in the global inflatable leisure and water sports product markets,
Bestway’s branded products are known in the industry for their unique, innovative and practical styles, and designs, as well as excellent product features and quality. The H2OGO! water slides have a suggested retail price of $9.99 for the single slide, $14.99 for the double and $24.99 for the triple, and are available at Toys R' US,, and

For more information on the H2OGO! water slides please visit and click on the H2OGO! link.

My Thoughts

With the weather getting warmer, my kids are finally able to get outside and play some. They are itching for the neighborhood pool to open, but having this backyard waterslide has eased their need for some water fun.

For the most part this triple slide was easy to set-up. My biggest complaint was the instructions, which were not clear on the ramp part. On the paper instructions, it said to inflate the ramp, but didn't specify with air or water. So the kids and I sat in the hot weather and blew the ramp up with our mouths. It took awhile, so I didn't see how this was "easy and quick set-up." With that being said, the next day on the box that the slide came in, it said to inflate with water on the ramp. I really wish that had been on the paper instructions that came in the box. Because filling it with water would have made it a quick set up. So if you're seeing this review-- fill the ramp with water!

Other then not being sure how to inflate the speed ramp, set-up was easy. We had it up and going in no time. The water sprayed out in a lot of different area and the part they slide down was nice and wet, giving me kids a lot of speed and fun. The dog loved where the water sprayed out in the wading pool at the end.

Over all, I really liked this slide once I had it up and running. The kids had a blast on it. Probably the most fun I've seen them have with a type of slid and slide. Typically you just run and slide down, but they enjoyed doing tricks with the ramp or laying in the wading pool at the end.

And of course, the dog had to give it a try too. Her favorite part was drinking the water and standing in the wading pool to cool off.

A great, fun product for kids. And a great way to give mom a little break to sit and relax this summer.