Wednesday, May 20, 2015

DVD Review: Glee: The Final Season

“Glee” – The Final Season
In the exhilarating, heart-rending final season of “Glee,” club favorites reunite and a new group of young performers takes center stage! Following her disastrously short sitcom career, Rachel returns to McKinley High to find Principal Sue Sylvester trampling the arts – including the glee club. Without missing a beat, Rachel and a newly single Kurt set out to revitalize New Directions, hoping for a shot at the national title. It won’t be easy since Will and Blaine now coach rival groups Vocal Adrenaline and The Warblers. With thrilling musical numbers and compelling plot lines featuring much of the beloved original cast, the final season of “Glee” culminates in a celebration of LIFE, MUSIC, FRIENDSHIP and LOVE

My Thoughts

I can't believe Glee is coming to an end! As a musical lover, this was one of my favorite shows. Though the Cory Monteith years will always be my favorite, I still enjoyed the more recent episodes. But at least the final season is going out with a bang. This set has four discs with thirteen episodes from the sixth season that are packed with hilarious antics, touching moments, and toe-tapping music including:

 1 - Loser Like Me
2 - Homecoming
3 - Jagged Little Tapestry
4 - The Hurt Locker: Part 1
5 - The Hurt Locker: Part 2 .
6 - What The World Needs Now
7 - Transitioning
8 - A Wedding
9 - Child Star
10 - The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester
11 - We Built This Glee Club
12 - 2009
13 - Dreams Come True

Admittedly, some of the newer cast members lack the charisma of the original kids, but overall, I really enjoyed this season. The final episode tied things up nicely, and was a great finale to a musical phenomenon. In addition to the full season, you can also find some fun bonus extras including behind the scenes footage.  Anyone whose a fan of the series will want to have this DVD in collection.